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  1. Just picked this up, 146lb swedish anvil, think it is Soderfors but can't confirm... Real nice, excellent rebound as well.
  2. Sure is, in the first post I listed the info on that tag, its model 132 and serial number 357. Neither of these plus any combination of hanchett return anything, nor does any hanchett patent search...
  3. Tried that a few times now too, phone rang busy twice now from the google number and can't find anything on their site with an updated number
  4. Haven't heard back from Hanchett, hopefully one day someone sees this and knows a little more about it
  5. I have one of these geared head blowers and it has an oil cap on the top of it. I haven't found too much as to what oil I should be using in it. My first inclination is 80W gear oil, but wanted to see if anyone here had any suggestions? I found a youtube rebuild where he used STP oil treatment, but I honestly know almost nothing about that oil.
  6. I'll get you that tonight, hopefully with a little better quality too.
  7. I tried the email provided in that thread there and got a bounce-back, he must be gone from the company. I sent a general email to their contact us page, we will see if that gets a reply. Still hoping someone on here has seen one of these before and has more info on it.
  8. Updated my location, in terms of research I really did look for this searching a number of different things but didn't have any luck finding any real information. I am not sure if the forge as a whole is made by this company or possibly just the hood
  9. Picked up this forge recently and I am wondering if anyone knows much about it. I did some googling and couldn't really find any information on the hood, at least that is the only part of the forge tagged with anything. It has hanchett manufacturing with a size 132 tag on it. The blower is a champion model 40. I am sure it will suit me well, i just need to work on finding a source for coal locally now
  10. Just snagged this one off craigslist. Has the fisher eagle stamp and 1926 dated... Also has #10 I believe cast in the base (had my friend pick it up for me). What do you think, around 100 lbs or so? Whats the best way to get the rust off of it? Hope to use it as a working anvil, but I am almost afraid to with how perfect the face is.