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  1. The Reps at Blu say it requires 19-20 cfm at 125. I was lucky enough to be gifted a 60ga 5hp Ingersol 2 stage compressor. Officially it says it is rated for 17cfm at 175psi so I think that should be enough. Worst case I can add a ballast tank as Jim Coke mentioned. What sort of additional maintenance are you referring to? I assumed it would just be keeping the slides lubed and the oiler full.
  2. Here’s a video of both of them running. Sorry for the LG smacking empty dies together.. it was not me but did make me cringe. Any thoughts on how loose the flywheel looks? Other videos I’ve seen of LGs make it look like they should stop any where in the stroke or even at top dead center rather than coasting closed.. im not sure I have the terminology right but it looks to me like the crank pin should be set higher and the spring maybe needs to be tightened thanks for all the comments so far! IMG_4029.MOV IMG_4030.mp4
  3. My interest mostly lies in making hand tools. Specifically axes but also hammers, chisels, ice spuds,pry bars etc. There is something about the permanence of old forged tools that I love and want to keep creating. my concern about the LG is the ability to use tooling with it: drifts, punches, etc. But then again as previously mentioned the old school integrity and robustness of the LG keeps me interested. all of my own opinions aside I have used a power hammer for exactly 2 heats when I was looking at the LG. Hence to request for others input and experience.
  4. Hi Guys, Just looking fort some straight up opinions. I have an opportunity to buy a new style LG 50# mechanical hammer for $4500 CAD or potentially a Blu Max 110# for $4000 CAD. Both appear to be in pretty good shape. the blu max is only 7 years old with apparently light use. I already have a 5HP Ingersoll compressor to run the Blu off of and obviously I don't need it for the LG. Just curious to get your thoughts on which to bite on..
  5. That's hilarious. I saw that same add and couldn't believe the xxxx the seller was trying to shovel.
  6. HI Guys, First off apparently my first post had some unfavourable language when I said it still rings like "bleep"..the opposite of heaven... it certainly wasn't my intention to offend anyone and I'll keep it G rated from here on out. Thanks for all the tips. I've got a big elm stump I was planning to mount it on so it will be easy enough to cut one face on an angle leaving the rest of the anvil leveled off. Exo313 when you say similar features do you mean that your's is sloped to the same degree..ie 2+ inches over its length? and you're bang on with the stamped numbers for some reason I had it in my head that the quarter weights were 24lbs each which is clearly wrong. if it is a "defect" it seems amazing to me that they would continue through to finishing it.. stamped numbers and all. It's not like it's out by a little bit. further more it would have been a pain to forge weld the steel plate on with the whole thing sitting on an angle. still curious if anyone out there knows of a purpose to the sloped face?
  7. Hi Guys, I just picked up this anvil from a yardsale junkie friend of mine. i agreed to the purchase based on a cell phone photo and conversation with him. Overall it looks to be in pretty good shape. The edges are in decent shape, the horn is not drooping and it still rings like xxxx. My question is this: i notice that the whole anvil face is sloped from heel to horn.. apx 2in difference in height. Have any of you seen this before in an anvil? my plan was to shim the low side when I mount it but is there a reason to leave it tapered? Also I notice that one foot is out of plane by about 1/4in leaving the anvil to rock a bit. This can be easily shimmed but just wondering if this is common or a sign of poor manufacturing quality? Also can anyone take a guess at the manufacturer? it weighs in at 198# even but the markings on the side are hard to make out. it looks to be like 1-2-something 2.. although at 198# i would have expected 1-3-2 The name stamps are all but gone but I can sort of see a C up top and a WA lower down.. Any guesses? Thanks for any thoughts or advice!
  8. Hi all, From what I've read here it seems you are all die hard fans of the Soderfors anvils. I'm considering buying a 100# model from 1928. It's about a 4 hour drive away so I figured I'd get your opinions of the pics before driving all that way. They are asking $350, Canadian dollars, for it which is about middle range pricing compared to what I've seen other anvils going for around here. ideally I would like something a little larger but this just came up and from what i've read here these anvils will perform above their weight range. again just after some opinions. Thanks guys!
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