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  1. I can do that no problem. It’s actually the perfect height when stood on end. I was just wondering if there was anything to be gained or lost by welding a harder steel to the top (when stood on end). I guess the reason I’m questioning it I because Of all the posts I have read regarding mass below the hammer and stacked welded steel vs efficiency. Will gaining a harder face be more beneficial over a (possible) loss of efficiency over welding to the existing plate?
  2. I have a lead on some forklift tines. Would welding a section of tine to the top benefit me at all? Would I compromise the mass I have with a tiny welded gap? I know I would gain harness, but would this be a waste of time? Am I over thinking this again?
  3. Never thought about it being cluttered but yeah you are right. My thought was to make a leg to fit between the anvil and stand to keep it from rotating. You’re absolutely right. I am expecting way too much from this. Welding a square tube was the plan as soon as I get that tap out of the hole.
  4. So after thinking about this for a couple of weeks I think I want to cut this thing in half to make it easier to handle. I had an idea to use one half as a die anvil and regular anvil on a rotational stand. Thoughts?
  5. Rmartin2

    Post Vise Help

    Thanks for posting pics. I have one that is bent a little as well and this is exactly how I envisioned fixing it.
  6. Rmartin2

    Post Vise

    I found a smaller one similar to this with a late 1800's stamp. Couldn't make out the exact year but it was 18 something. https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/47142-scrapyard-post-vise/
  7. Avenue Trucks????? A guy at the skatepark had some and he let me take them for a spin. They have a cooI feel to them. These with a set 78a wheels would probably feel Cadillac on the street. I'm going to have to get a pair one day.
  8. Nope you construed it correctly based on the analogy used. Poorly worded on my part.
  9. After getting home and standing it up in the driveway it is actually perfect. It’s about 1/4 shorter than my Vulcan. It must have been sitting on some crap in the yard because it felt taller than that. Also I’m getting around 60% rebound. The hole in the top is 1-1/2” but there is a broken tap inside it. I guess I can break that tap out and sleeve it with some 1” square tubbing. Any comments or suggestions?
  10. Well this piece will be used for hammers and stuff I hit with them.
  11. Interesting to find the material stamped in the plate when I flipped it over. SA-387 grade 22
  12. Here are the dims. Its a little hard to see the but it’s 3” thick.
  13. From the angle of the picture, the face with the hole would be the top face. Ideally I would like to cut off the bottom protrusion which would get the top face close to or lower than where I need my anvil height. I could also cut it directly in half and have 2 anvils with upsetting blocks. I would hate to buy it and find out cutting this thing is more than I’m willing to spend. I never took any measurements but my guess is it’s about 3” thick. If I go back today I’ll be sure to bring a tape measure with me. The piece isn’t super hard so many cutoff wheels should eventually get through it.