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  1. My nozzle is fixed. Nice trick for cleaning the tip. I’ll have to try that.
  2. Thanks for the tip Les. I switched to a flux core nozzle which leaves the tip sticking out maybe 1/8 of an inch. The spatter pretty much covers what portion of the tip is sticking out and the end of the nozzle. After a couple of welds I usually take rag and wipe it off. Most of it flakes off then I use a wire brush to clean the rest. I figured this was happening because of the higher amperage over the HF.
  3. Frosty, I'll get a bottle someday but for now the flux core works fine. I bought extra tips. I actually bought my stick welder first and used it for a couple of weeks before i got the Handler 190. Since then I have hardly picked up the stick. To me the ease of use of wire feed (even though it's flux core) outweighs the stick.
  4. Just want to throw out my experience with a HF 90a flux core welder. I had one for a decade and used it occasionally. Toward the end of my time with it I was putting it through its paces. Finally decided I was welding enough to upgrade and bought a Hobart AC/DC stick and a 190a mig. I passed the working HF on to a friend that occasionally needs a welder. Funny thing is I hardly had any tip problems with that HF and used the same one for almost the duration on the time I had it. My Hobart mig (using flux core wire) is always getting spattered up. But there is NO comparison to the difference in quality of the Hobart weld over the HF. I guess what I'm saying is, from my experience, the HF is decent for occasional small jobs. I wouldn't hesitate to get another if I needed to. Learning to control the voltage and wire speed was the best thing for the HF.
  5. You should post it in the improvised anvil thread.
  6. I buy work clothes at the thrift store so I don't worry about holes or completely ruining them. But I do have a harbor freight leather apron for grinding work.
  7. I would need a lot of WD40 or PB blaster to cover my Wilton C2 vise. Right now I just spray it down every 2 days. I got it pushed in enough that the key on th shaft was resessed in the body so it left me a tiny resivior to fill up.
  8. PB Blaster needs to come out with an IV drip for rusty things. Set it and forget it.
  9. Yeah I have a couple of stakes that have Pexto stamped in them. Don’t remember the exact location though.
  10. Rmartin2

    Show me your vise

    That sounds exactly like one of mine except mine has 4.5” jaws. Mine also had a date of 12/27/1906 stamped under the mounting plate next to the 2. I don’t recall the jaw width being stamped in my jaw but I do remember another year stamped on it. I think it was 1907. I do have the 50 stamped on the moving jaw. Edit: I think I determined it to be a Columbian even though it didn’t have the “C” stamped on it.
  11. I soaked one of mine in PB Blaster for a week. Then drove a wedge in the jaws and they came right apart. I guess it depends on the level of seize.
  12. Chris just keep doing what you’re doing and be the better person. There are always those people on forums that will ruin the experience. I’m right there with you on “I’m here to learn”.
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