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  1. Adman , Does this design use the same size hardy shank in both the top and bottom ? If not how do you plan on compensating for the misalignment of two different sizes of shanks to properly meet ?
  2. That is some serious machine tool abuse right there ,I'd put my wife outside under a blue tarp before I would a machine !! LOL!!!
  3. Jim ,Derek , That's some fine looking tooling you guys have there !
  4. Frosty....Hex head bolts can be manufactured from any class of material that the end user needs to suit their intended application. One can readily purchase hex head bolts in a wide variety of flavors,ie. plastic,poly,aluminum,stainless etc.......FYI
  5. Derek , I have had quite a few requests for them ,so yes they are now in production. Thanks, William
  6. Jmc, This is kinda what I had in mind.
  7. I know quite a few of you knife makers here are extremely talented and do amazing work,I was wondering, have any of you ever produced any cigar cutters ? If so, let's have look at them .
  8. Top notch information. A lot of the time I work by myself in the shop so I make safety top priority every day on every job. I remember years ago while employed at another shop sitting through hours upon hours of safety meetings. We had a perfect safety record for years. All of the money they spent for us to sit there for hours was only peanuts compared to an on the job injury,workers comp claim or a casualty. Safety can't be drilled into our thick skulls enough no matter how many times its discussed. William
  9. Fine piece ! The finished product shows the pride you have in your work. William
  10. Thomas....brass pins would work quite well ,maybe on the next one I'll put together a "pin package" using yours and Roberts suggestions. SJS......yes bending jig. As far as using it in a lathe ,I would chuck in a four jaw and not hesitate.
  11. Thanks for the compliments everybody ! John......officially "the omniholder". Hmmm......could be useful for tig welding those really intricate parts. Derek and Jim......thanks for the feedback on the fly press tool holders ,glad to hear they are serving your needs.I have a few ideas I need to run by ya'll. Frank.....I think his requests were met. Lol ! Dodge...."hold odd shapes" I went through the shop trying to find the strangest shapes I have just to test it out. Eddie.....I've already thought
  12. Hi everyone , Recently I had a customer approach me about building a work holding fixture that would suit and accommodate the various types of work he does. Thought this might be of interest to some and wanted to share a few pics. The first request was to have a fixture that would function as an engravers vise/block. Second request was to have a way to secure knife blanks of various thickness in multiple positions.Third request ,a fixture to accept hardy shank tooling ranging in size from 3/4" to 1 1/4". Fourth request ,to be able to hold round stock for a band saw or a dril
  13. Check with Josh Greenwood right there in Petersburg. Greenwood Ironworks William
  14. Welcome aboard and thank you for your service at Ft. Lee. ! There is an amazing amount of knowledge and talent among the members here and some fine smiths in your area. William
  15. Crazy Ivan, I'd be very interested in hearing how it forges.Keep me updated as you move along with it. William
  16. The Cleveland steel tool website might be helpful. William
  17. John , You bring up some very excellent points ! In today's world where the profit margins for businesses are razor thin every aspect of the cost of production has to be analyzed in every way imaginable. Out sourcing,as you have proved,can certainly add to your bottom line.It speeds up production and let's you focus on other in house items. Lot's of ways to be profitable ,just have to be savvy about it.....analyze,analyze,analyze.. ............... William
  18. I'll share mine as well. This one is adjustable by loosening the cap screws and moving the 1" diameter pins along the t-slot to desired width and retighten the cap screws.Sockets and dies can utilized as well for bends. It's got a one square shank or can be clamped in vise horizontally or vertically.
  19. You can grind it with a "green" wheel specifically made for carbide.The wheels can be rather pricey and probably wouldn't be cost effective for two tools.
  20. Curly , That is awesome ,I'm sure she will enjoy it .
  21. Harold , That's a good idea with the dowel pin ,is it removable.
  22. Andrew.......I bet those adjustable squares and rounds come in handy for quite a few different applications.
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