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  1. I think you're right, I'm going to clay up the whole pan. Problem with the cutouts is they are super shallow, the added height of the grate almost comes right up to them. While the cutouts are probably useful somehow, I think for now I'm going to add height over them.
  2. A few weeks taking care of family put the forge stuff on hold. I picked up a bag of fire clay and below is the result from yesterday's work lining and creating a little bowl for the fire. Rim is a few inches high (hard to measure exactly, but probably 2.5-3 inches) inner diameter at the widest part at the top is about 8 inches, going down to a 5 inch diameter tuyere grate. I hope I've done it right "enough" to make it usable - with the pan as shallow as it is this was the shape that seemed to be close to what I'd pictured. We will see how it looks with a few days of drying. Does it loo
  3. I picked up this hand crank blower from a guy in northern Virginia who acquired it but never got around to using it. Crank turns, air comes out. I can barely make out "Canedy" on one side with other words obscured. I'd like to use this one and have a few Qs! 1) I need a stand. Any tips on making one? No welding, so I'm hoping lumber, a miter saw, and a power drill can get me most of the way. All the pictures I can find of this brand of blower show metal stands. 2) Looks like two oil reservoirs. What kind of oil should I use and how much? 3) using it seems pretty straig
  4. Thanks for all the info so far everyone! Thomas as usual big thanks I think you've responded to me every time I've asked beginner Qs. Iron dragon that's a cool catalog. For claying the pan, what's the recommended product? Pottery clay? Thanks again!
  5. I've been sharing my beginnings in the hobby with friends and family, even had a few sales (yay!). My wife's cousin who lives nearby spotted some blacksmith stuff for sale and alerted me. Short story - I have an old forge and other goodies, but with this post I wanted to share the forge! Please see the pictures below and tell me what you think. It looks cast iron and has gone through an owner or two who have let it collect dust without use. A few Qs: 1) I don't see any labeling except on the blower. Is there a proper name for this forge (or a good guess?) 2) should I l
  6. Keys are the intended use. I was inspired by a set of hooks on a key shaped board I got from my wife's great grandma's farmhouse. I've started keeping keys, COVID masks, earbuds, a pocket measuring tape (on a keychain), and a small card wallet hanging right by the door - most useful thing I've put on a wall ever, so I wanted to make something similar in use. The boards are 10 inches wide, close to 2.75 inches tall probably. What I love about the hooks is that small hooks by the door don't accumulate a bunch of junk (like tables near an entryway do) from the household's comings and goin
  7. A couple finished boards with hooks and wall hangers attached. I took a torch to some maple before top coating. Hope you guys like 'em!
  8. I might not light a fire in it super soon, but I had some spare time today and decided to at least get the box built. Not far along, but I'm happy to share my journey. I'm going to use my utility cart to wheel in and out of storage, seems useful for that so far. The box is about 7.5 inches deep. Maybe more than I need, but using excess I had on hand was nice. I'm going to try to source some bricks if I can find some free ones before drilling a hole for the tuyere. Still scratching my head on substrate. Digging a hole in my small yard might upset my spouse. Also checkin
  9. Thanks Thomas! The design was from the instructor (probably to keep class to the necessary length) and the hooks didnt swivel.. until I descaled them in vinegar (after riveting to the plate) and of course the joint was loose after losing that material. I had a scrap piece of steel rod that I beat and filed into something kind of shaped enough to set the rivets tighter. I'm glad to have a better solution for future hooks, thanks!
  10. Finally got a piece of cedar that I liked enough to do a burn finish and mount this pair of hooks to. The hooks were done by me (right hook) and my wife (left hook)during a 2hr intro class in February before the pandemic put a stop to pursuing more. I've been making more nail hooks and hope to have some mounted on maple and take some pics this weekend.
  11. Thanks guys! To answer a few Qs, yeah I think a JABOD is in my future, but free charcoal likely isn't - curse of living in cityburbs creates more challenges than that's worth for me at the moment. But I'm in Maryland and coal-land adjacent, so I'm hopeful there are other good inexpensive options nearby.
  12. I just wanted to share that I have officially picked up smithing as a hobby today. I'm looking forward to having more to contribute. Bottle torch, an old hammer, old pliers, railroad track, and a bench vise. I forgot to take a pic after I drilled a hole. I'm avoiding jigs or round nose pliers for bending, I want to practice with just hammer, heat, and "anvil" surface. I'll try to post a follow up picture when I've made a lot more, I'm curious to see how I progress. Big thanks to the folks who run this site, and especially to those who take time to make free education availabl
  13. First of all, thanks for the replies everyone! I have a good bit to chew on for a little bit. It seems the consensus is to build a forge, and here I am wishing I'd learned to weld at some point in my life, but I'd need an electrician to install a circuit for running one safely so.. tool rabbit hole haha. Guess plywood shopping is in my future. I'll keep you all posted on my next steps. Thanks again for the input!
  14. Hi from Maryland (greater DC metro area), smithing folks! I have a goal of starting a bit of at-home smithing this fall, strictly as a hobby for fun, self enjoyment in creating things. I was able to take my first class this past winter (and I loved it!) but.. well, pandemic. So here I am stuck with time, cancelled vacations and plane tickets (that could be reinvested into a hobby), but no access to local meetups or classes to get going. The part I really want to get "right" at the start is the fire. This website has a ton of great information on building forges, but what about
  15. Hi folks! New member here from Hyattsville, MD (part of the greater Washington DC metro area). I've been browsing for a while and thought it's time to join. I've spent the last five years living in DC proper sharing a row house with no garage and hardly any back yard area while my wife got her masters and landed a great career that has anchored us here. We bought a house that needed some renovations and moved in March 2019. I was particularly excited to have a small garage and driveway. I wanted to get into blacksmithing a hobby - making hooks, home decor, fun xmas gifts, may
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