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    Eagles may soar, but gophers never get sucked into jet engines. One who smiles in the face of adversity has yet to grasp the situation, or has a scapegoat.
  2. Hey all, figured I would throw this out there and see what replies I get back. My wife, mother-in-law, kids and I, are going to be in Germany between/around May 31 until June 13. While we have no absolute plans as of yet, besides a wedding, most of our time will probably be around Bochum and Hamburg. I was wondering if anyone in the area might be willing to let me stop by and see your shop/watch you work or, if my wife would allow it and you would to, spend a day or two working with you how ever I might be able to help. We are renting a van so I will have some mobility. Please post here
  3. I was really nice to have him there, he sat about 10 feet away on his swing most of the time and really only came up to get a good look at things when I quenched them at the end. Of course lots of "Daddy, what you doing?" thru it all. Was sort of funny to because I had to remind my wife to stay back more often than him as I was working on the anvil. If she ever gets that close again when I am working she will find a hammer in her hand and me saying " Hit it there!" :D
  4. Welcome, I am curious about what part of Manitoba too.
  5. Thanks for the feed back and tips guys! Just to answer some of the comments: the back of the can is still sealed and lined with the blanket. I know I have one of those Coleman adapter hoses around, I am going to try and find it so I can use my BBQ tank. I purchased enough blanket to actually make 2 forges in case the fist one went horribly wrong ( you should see some of my home reno attempts), I am going to put the extra layer in with it. Once that is in I will nock/drill a hole thru the soft brick to give me a smaller opening and let me seal the can better. as for the ITC-100, that might
  6. Finally got a working forge and got my first project done. Was hoping for more of an arrow head to make a necklace for a guy who scrounged some scrap and stuff for me as a thank you. Turned more into a arrow/spear tip but what ever, it was fun. Also found a chisle like thing in a bunch or scrap from my won at an auction, and remembering an idea i saw here once tapered the handle end down a bit and it now sits nicely in the hardy whole and might turn into a nice hot cut hardy. Then once I shut things down, my son wanted his turn to make something. So he got his "work helmet" and had as
  7. Finally got a small coffee can forge up and running, now my thing is i don't know if it is "running" right. Seemed only to heat the metal if i put it directly under the flame. Using a bernzomatic torch to run it. Could get the metal to the color in the pick, but took a while to do it. TIps/Advice (besides build a bigger one, now in the plans)?
  8. at 3 years old, he almost has a much experience as me now, I could be in trouble.
  9. some where between an arrow head and a spear tip i guess. Pleased with it as my first ever self project, not exactly a practical thing, but not absolutely useless.
  10. found this chisel like thing in the bottom of a box of scrap my father-in-law gave me. After a few rounds in the forge it sits quite nice in he hardy hole.
  11. Mylore

    Peeking In

    Taking a look into my coffee can forge, that was the most color/hottest i could get the steel.
  12. Mylore

    My "shop"

    Yes it is messy right now, and those barrels are going to go to the farm soon so I can have a lot more room!
  13. One I learnt a while ago with my BBQ, always open the tank all the way. That way if you need to shut it off quick there is no guessing on the direction to close it off and maybe make things worse. Of course I guess this would only work if you have a regulator on the line and your not using the valve on the tank as one. Something I do intend to have should I ever go to propane.
  14. Ok back already.... Ian, did you copy the ctsMaker folder as well into the plugins folder? As soon as I did (didn't do it the first time only the three files in the .dmg file where what I moved) I go no errors when I opened Sketchup again. Now I just have to play with it a bit to see what new toys I have for this overly fun program.
  15. I also use Mac OSX. When I downloaded the plugins, Ruby Scripts, they all came down unziped for me (extension .rb). They all downloaded the my desktop, I then just moved them to: Hard Drive/Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 6/SketchUp/Plugins and they worked for me, just have to look under the Draw pull down or the Tools pull down depending on the plugins you got. It tells you where the ruby script will be found in the text just above the download link. Hope this helps a fellow MAC user. *EDIT* Sorry guys, just realised the problem was with Terry's plugins, not the ones off
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