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  1. Haven't picked them up as yet 3000km (1864Miles) away at the inlaws place, so the photos are all I have to go by at the moment.
  2. G'day All, Australian anvil any feed back would be appreciated. One is a Connellan & Son Brisbane other unknown as yet. Did a quick search of the web and turned up nothing on this maker apart from a one liner on the Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia web site. Any one know of these? Only paid $60 each. See pics. Regards, Geoff.
  3. G'day All, Calling on all who have seen their fair share of anvils. Just picked up a pair of anvils one is a Connellan & Son Brisbane other unknown as yet. Did a quick search of the web and turned up nothing on this maker. Any one know of these? See pics. Regards, Geoff.
  4. Hey Woody have you found a boiler & got that awesome hammer going yet?
  5. etech669


    I did my apprenticeship on a hammer that looked very similar to this only differance was the 4 upright pole were alot further apart, about 4' between poles from memory. Also the flat drive belt came down through the centre of the top frame to the retrofitted 3 Phase motor. I went back to my old employer looking for it a few years ago and sadly they sold it for scrap.
  6. G'day Tim, Awsome finish, I use slot drills or end mill cutters for flat holes but you need a good machine vice and no slop in the bench drill bearings. (Or a milling machine :) ) Cheers.
  7. Yep, power, spring, drop what ever flavour you like I'm looking for one, the Herc that Farmweld has would have been awsome but the financial advisor (The wife) said find one closer :blink: I've only been looking for 5 years...............
  8. WOW! Awsome work there Chris, many hours of skilled time spent on these ones I'm guessing. Good Stuff. Cheers Geoff.
  9. Cheers Mitch, Thanks for the look over and your valued comments. :) Regards
  10. G'day woody, just found this post, yeh this guys OK so is his buddy the tree snake, it's the 4' brown that's in there that I don't like, stroppy little bugger it is, might be time for a ground level clean up and an eviction. :angry:
  11. G'day Denise, Ive been trying to work out a way of searching for members in the area on IFI but to no avail, there are a couple of blokes up toward Cairns and the Tablelands but haven't seen anyone else from Townsville area. I haven't set up a shop as yet (never had the room) but that's all about to change, shed extension plans complete, now I just have to get it council approved and built. I've been on the hunt for a drop hammer up this end of the world, dont know of any do you? Regards,
  12. I Did my apprenticeship making surgical instruments, loads of dangerous stuff to throw around the polishing room, Leather apron and a polisher fitted with a crash bar ( a steel pole mounted parallel with the polisher shaft about 2" directly below the wheel) if something does catch it spits it to the floor instead of across the shop. Generally i surface finish to 180grit max then into it with a 10"sisal wheel and grey fast cut compound alternating direction to remove required scratches. Then a loose calico mop with white compound also alternating direction and to finish off to mirror use the same mop with just a wipe of compound and gently feather you work piece off the edge of the buff in one direction this removes the grease smear and give you a high mirror finish. You can go the green but I've never felt it necessary unless I'm working with brass or copper. If a nice satin finish is what you're after or just want to shine up that hollow grind preserving the grind line as Phil said I use a 3M Scotchbrite wheel you can get different grades to give you that brushed finish, they're bloody expensive but they last forever if you're careful. Cheers
  13. G'day everyone, I been looking through the forum at some of the quallity workmanship of members hand made knives and thought I might throw a couple of mine up for comment. All these are made from Chainsaw bar using stock removal & polishied to a mirror finish. I've used various Handle materials but out of all of them "The Squid" was the hardest to make, I explain as I go through the pictures. My first ever knife was this one a big Bowie 14" long, Stainless finger guard, merbu timber handle & Brass pins. Next I had a crack at a Small hunter with gut hook, Stainless bolsters & pins, Deer Antler & Winchester 357 Shell for decoration. And last of all "The Squid" A small Skinner. Stainless Bolsters and my very first attempt at Free hand Hollow grinding (I did a little Happy dance with this grind :) ) and finally the handle material, it's stone with a prehistoric type of squid. The work involved in grinding & polishing is not for the impatient many days were spent on getting this right and to be honest I wouldn't do it again, one slip and "CRACK" all over red rover. But I don't regret making it as it makes a good talking piece over a beer or three. Enjoy comment from you guys would be appreciated.
  14. G'day All, May as well throw my name in this long list, I'm Geoff live in Townsville Nth Qld, part time Knife maker. Did my trade with 2 blokes Collin & Phil Trewavis @ Trewavis Surgical Instruments in Victoria 27ish years ago and had the opportunity to beat out some awsome instruments on their huge bitsa drop hammer and have always enjoyed a bit of hot metal bashing.