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OZ roll call

Dale Russell

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G'Day ta all youse AUSSIE'S out there ( & youse know who youse are too ) :)

Seein' i's been with the site from almost 1 day & was the only AUSSIE for such a long time ( was the token AUSSIE for a LONG LONG TIME ) & in the last 12 - 18 months a HEAP of us ( AUSSIE'S ) ave joined the site twas thinkin' maybe we's should ave'a " Roll Call "

Tell us where youse is from , hobbist / full time ect

So come all you AUSSIE'S , add you name ta the list

Dale Russell

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Hobbyist smith, although I did earn my keep for a while at a wrought iron works.
I too did the Cobb & Co course in Toowoomba (1993?), and since then use the skills mostly to make tools for myself. I use the the tools for metal and woodwork.
I teach workshop skills to sculpture students and although we have a forge I haven't fired that one for years.
I live on acreage near Cabarlah, on the range north of Toowoomba.


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G'day blokes,
I am a wood butcher but I earn my crust as a steel fabricator, mostly building or repairing agricultural machinery and farm structures in Central West New South Wales.
I have been known to bash the odd chunk of hot metal sometimes into something artistic (10%) or useful (10%) but usually into scrap (80%).
I've been a member of the forum for a while but mostly as a lurker, using the principle that it is better to be silent and thought of as a fool than to open my mouth and prove it.
Good to see some dinkum Aussies on board!

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G'day fellas I'm Carl.
From Ipswich Queensland. Though have moved around abit. Born in Sydney, Canberra for 6yrs, Forbes NSW for 6yrs. Bris for three, Townsville fifteen, Now here for eight. ( that adds up I guess)
Dads Dad Had a light engineering shop. so I spent a lot of time watching but he wasn't the most approachable of blokes so I missed a lot of opportunity there.
I have been working towards playing with hot iron/steel for quiet a while ( But then I never rush anything)
Did the basic course through the Ipswich TAFE last FEB. with Mark Kent. Been a long time since I learnt so much in such a short time.
So bodged up a forge last weekend got some leaf spring malleable ( Proof of concept)
and now chasing information so I don't have to learn everything the hard way.
G'day Matt small world hey?

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G'day there,
My name is Wayne & I'm from Wauchope on the mid nth coast of nsw.
I've been a full-time blacksmith/knifemaker for 5-6yrs. Started as a hobby with the ABANSW & then became the blacksmith at "Timbertown" for about 4yrs. Out in my own shop now called "Ironlord Forge". Good to see a few aussies here! :D

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Carl phoned me today about this site, I had already registered about, well, 3 days ago.

I am more a knifemaker. I have made a few knives using stock removal and a couple by forging. I have just remade my gas forge (finally) and fired it up yesterday afternoon. Had some time with Karim at Thawra Forge in Canberra 18 months ago.

Wayne I think I have met you at a couple of Brisbane Militaria Shows.


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hi im rodger
im from south australia
im currently a butcher but looking to end up as a farrier so i ran in to bashing hot metal through that
i mostly make horseshoes and tools but enjoy attempting to make stuff that ppl like to look at (seems most ppl dont enjoy looking at shoes or mutilated rasps(!?!)
ive been a member for a while but i lurk alot .... been offline for a while but set to start educating myself some more now :)
nice to see lots of aussies ere

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G'Day my name is Ian,
This is my very first post to any website, so I hope I do everything right. I live in Bowral NSW and work as a Horticulturist. I took up blacksmithing as a hobby a couple of years ago and love it.

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