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Ten Hammers

Good side view. Shows all the linkage for the foot treadle. this hammer was designed to be taken apart and moved from place to place ( like mines or other shops that needed a power hammer). The 4 vertical pieces between the base and the top are just pipe with bolts through them. The anvil base is removable with the clamps on the pipe as is the hammer head and flywheel. With these 3 parts disassembled, the hammer can be moved fairly easily. Re-assembly and setup is really not that bad of deal to get things back in tune. Some would think I have it slowed too much and that it doesn't hit hard enough. This could easily be fixed with a smaller vee pully on the jackshaft but the hammer is tuned to perzactly my needs not someone elses needs. It will knock the snot out of 1" PTO shafting. If the time comes that I need more power, Browning makes more pullies but I sincerely doubt that time will come.

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Ten Hammers

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OK the text should read the the base is removable as well as the hammer head and springs. Loosning of the set screw on the toggle arm from the pitman allows the hammer head/spring assy to be removed. The flywheel remains intact when the hammer is moved.

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Neat hammer, Steve! How did I miss seeing that when we were in your shop?? LOL Seriously, that is one cool hammer :)

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I did my apprenticeship on a hammer that looked very similar to this only differance was the 4 upright pole were alot further apart, about 4' between poles from memory. Also the flat drive belt came down through the centre of the top frame to the retrofitted 3 Phase motor. I went back to my old employer looking for it a few years ago and sadly they sold it for scrap.

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