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  1. G'day blokes. Alex from Townsville here, still in the process of getting a set up running at home, only had a few swings here and there but fair to say I've got the bug.
  2. Wow! An overwhelming response! I didn't have notifications checked for the thread. Thanks so much to all, especially Dale for that great list of contacts. I'll be hopefully firing my forge for the first time this afternoon to set my satanite. I didn't know Mark Aspery had books, thanks for that one! He's one of my favourite you tubers, along with Brian Brazeal and Tobjörn Åhman. I think I will get new edge of the anvil, modern blacksmith as well as Aspery's books. The tools I'll see what I can source local from that great list, or better yet find the blacksmith from Townsville and try sort something out. Steve, I know it can be frustrating to be asked such a broad and vague question with such little knowledge, but Unfortunately for now I really don't know what I'm doing yet. Again, massive thanks to all who have replied.
  3. Charles you're absolutely right about sourcing and networking locally, I just haven't had much luck with Google-fu. I'm a fairly reclusive person, but I guess I should jump that hurdle and maybe pm an Aussie or two on here. Frosty, I had completely forgotten about books! My Fiancé is having a package shipped over and I was just going to get my stuff shipped with hers. Machinery handbook I have access to localy as I'm a machinist by trade. Would you be able to recommend some more specifically smithing books? Thanks for your replies.
  4. Hi all, I have done some searching but have not found much to help me, sorry if this has been covered. I am trying to get an order sent over from the U.S, and am chasing some advice on what I'll need. I want to begin my forging activities by making tools, but as I have permission from she who must be obeyed to buy some to help me get started I am wondering your opinions on the matter. I can't really get tongs as they are too long for the postage boxes, but I am thinking along the lines of a drift or two, a couple punches and perhaps a slitting tool? My order of things to make will probably be along the lines of tongs until I can make usable pairs, then perhaps handled top tools. Thanks in advance for any advice getting this newbie into the craft.
  5. The opening post appears empty to me, is this just an issue on my end?
  6. I don't know what machinery you have, but I cut my rr track in two along where I wanted one edge of the Hardie hole. Put it in a mill and used a 25mm cutter to cut a slot, then welded the two pieces back together. It worked, but it definitely wasn't worth the effort.
  7. Hi all, I am in the process of building my first forge, it's internal dimensions are 125mm x 100mm x 300mm. Roughly 5" x 4" x 12". This comes to about 240ci. My first question is, can I line this with kaowool, or will it not hold the rectangular shape? I plan to line the wool with satanite and itc100. Next question, will one 3/4 zoeler burner be sufficient, or will I need two smaller burners? I don't plan on this being a do everything forge, just a jumping off point for trying to make some tooling. Also, it would be rude not to show you the frame tig welded up out of 1.6mm steel, so you can giggle at my welds. Note the 3/4" burner I've started making sitting on top.
  8. Thanks Glenn, I just asked about it, but it's a long shot past my price range for now.
  9. A bit out of my beginners price range! Thanks for the tip off though.
  10. Where abouts is that, and how much is it going for?
  11. I don't have the luxury of a real anvil, I'm using a 125x74x300 block on top of a 200 diameter bar as a stand. It has a lot of weight, but not very good rebound and no Hardie, Pritchel or bick. In Australia I'm having a hard time finding somewhere to buy a good anvil, and I'd rather not throw that much money at something unless I find a good one. I'm going to look at a second hand one this weekend, hopefully it goes my way. The "forge" my boss threw together is similar to a firebrick forge, but with some unknown brittle refractory board donated by a customer. It cracks with the heat but it did get me up to an orange heat on a chunk of steel for a job this week. Funny how within a couple weeks of me playing around after hours forging in the shop a job turned up to forge, and I was the man for the job. Gotta love when life throws you a win!
  12. I'll try using the edge of the "anvil", as in Brian brazeal's tong making video, but I will eventually make a spring fuller. The bar just happened to be the best size scrap I had laying around. 18mm round or there about a would have saved me a lot of time. But as I'm just beginning, getting used to moving steel isn't a bad thing I suppose.
  13. Frosty the lucky, or whatever you go by now, I can't keep up! Haha. I'm a fitter machinist by trade, have only recently gotten a poor excuse for a forge set up at work. I've got a roll of kaowool, 5lb of satanite and a pint of itc100 on the way to show the boss what a real forge looks like. I have managed to nearly complete a set of tongs, taking me a long time to draw the 25 x 8 bar down to a workable size! Only just found a video explaining a drawing technique that might make it easier next time!
  14. It's worth while doing! I have been visiting these forums as a guest for about six months, soaking up everything I could. I suppose I felt that since I have nothing to contribute or any specific questions to ask, there was no need. How wrong I was! Aside from the obvious benefit of actually engaging the community, the amount of information available in the members only areas is incredible! Huge amounts of stickies with great info for beginners, a lot of which are fun to read with humorous antics. Then there is the blueprints section, which unfortunately from what I've gathered only some sections are currently working. I've read all that is, and it's amazing. I won't go on more, but as much as this post is advise to those like myself six months ago, let this post serve as a massive thank you to contributors, and to introduce myself. Alex
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