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  1. Mr. Max had not said anything about being new to blacksmithing. He said he hadn't made a sword in too long and had only been making axes. He asked about an alloy, then gave a more precise details about the alloy, as ask. Then he was labeled an idiot and was told to go back and read six pages of posts that say, why idiots shouldn't try to make swords. Read his 3 posts.
  2. Maybe he blew himself up. Asked a question and hasn't logged in since. ??
  3. I think I would remove the valve and give it a sniff. You would probably be OK but we would hate to never hear from you again and wonder??? Post some pics of your project.
  4. Looks like you have made it past the name calling and fearmongering, Most have ran after one or two posts. Study and learn, enter with safety in mind. Casting and forging has it's dangers, but I don't think either is as dangerous as driving on the freeway. Try to learn the terminology, It drives some people nuts. I blame the Smelting - Melting confusion on Goldmember and his unfortunate smelting accident.
  5. Look at Aristotle furnace. It's for melting steel through a bloomery type furnace. I don't remember who was showing the process, maybe someone else knows or check out Lee Sauder's site. Oops, Daniel beat me to it, I type too slow. But, I found it. http://www.leesauder.com/pdfs/Aristotle's%20Steel.pdf
  6. I haven't even checked out the ore pit that's supposed to be about 100 yards from my house. Neighbor told me where it is but says it's full of snakes. He has a big snake phobia, it's all he talks about.
  7. The muffin was fireclay and sand, I haven't gotten any EPK yet. It looked really good for a time. It got white hot and I thought the ore might be melting, then it just collapsed. I would like to get back down to the lake, but it seems I have a lot going on the next couple months.
  8. Roasted the Ore today. Still trying to get this done before cold sets in. It's been too hot for me the last few months so I've just stayed inside and planned. Here's a couple shots of the test muffin, it got very hot and melted, the ore didn't, but became magnetic.
  9. What kind of pre-used bronze are you using? The off color should polish out unless you seriously overheated it. Was the mold hot when you poured?
  10. Jammer

    mokume gane

    The 752 Nickel-Silver contains about 17% Zinc, and the cartridge Brass has about 30% Zinc.. Do you think it helps with getting it to a fusing temp compared to 70/30 Cupronickel? I'm still looking for some high contrast metals like Cupronickel and Copper.
  11. I had the handle and just drew a pattern from the end if it and cut it from the foam. I had to try it a couple times to get the handle to fit into the foam. Then I used the foam to make the core. I guess I didn't get a picture of the core mold. I had to use a round file to form the eye so it fit well into the head. If I make another one, I think I'll try to make the hourglass shape in the core instead of trying to file it in later. It was a lot of filing.
  12. I did a brass melt last week and cast a 4# hammer head. I cut the pattern with a wire foam cutter and cut my initials in it with my CNC router. Rammed it up in greensand with a core made from sand and sodium silicate. I got the metal a little hot and, yes, it smoked and had some flames. I put some charcoal on top to cut the flames and let it set to cool before I poured. It came out a little better than expected, cleaned it up and put it on a hickory handle. This was zinc brass with 70% copper and 30% zinc. I like to cast Brass and Bronze and hope to cast some more Iron this fall. It sure is to
  13. Yes, you said that in your post, should have read it closer. I've made my own Sodium Silicate for casting. It's very exothermic. I've got lab beakers and flasks, and am pretty careful. Still freaks my wife out.
  14. Very good video and all safety precautions were well explained. Thanks for explaining the different grades of Hydrogen Peroxide. Not everyone knows you can get from 3% up to a 50% solution. What are you looking for when adding the Hydrogen peroxide to know when you have added enough?
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