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Found 7 results

  1. I just got my Toauto 12 KG forge today, Commercial links removed and I have a two main questions It came with a bit of cotton-like material on the underside of the lid, and it is completely blocking the exhaust hole in the top. Is this just shipping protection, or is it supposed to be here? Should I do seasoning of the crucible or the mold to make them last longer or anything? If this has already been answered, sorry. I am a bit new here. Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. Hello all, I am a new member and this is my first post. I just wanted to share my first few backyard metal casting projects, all of the pics posted are with rough sanding/grinding only, I hope to take some new pictures of the finished products soon. I have found a lot of very helpful information on this site and would like to pass on my thanks to all the experienced members who have taken time to post tutorials for us newbies. So far I have learned that I can do this and that I am more handy than I thought, but that each project comes out a bit different than what is in my head, and that each one has it's own lessons to learn from and take to the next project. 1. very first project, learned to make sure the casting molds are the right size for the amount of metal your crucible can fit, both were intended to have integrated stands but did I not have enough aluminum to cast the stand. 2. couple of ingots, made an aluminum bronze by melting copper into the crucible that still had some aluminum left over from a previous pour (unintentional but I like the result and may make a small bronze decorative knife blade from this ingot) 3. A present for my wife (the heart with our anniversary date) and a mother's day gift for my mom (who is a Disney Fanatic). 4. Rough sand on my F-22 profile desk sculpture (since sanded to a nice smooth finish) 5. Bathroom towel rack (this is a finished product, both my wife and I like an industrial unfinished look for our house's style) 6. towel rack in use 7. first attempt at a copper axed head, rough finish for now. I plan on mounting on a dark stained custom wood handle.
  3. Is it safe to cut into a brand new empty propane tank to make a foundry? It was bought without ever being filled, so am I guaranteed I won't blow up or should I still remove the valve?
  4. So my sisters friend who I thought was smarter then this, etched aluminum in a garage with bad ventilation. He told me a bit before this that his etching was releasing some chlorine something gas weaponized by Germans in WW1. This is the first time he etched aluminum and knew about the dangers of wielding it but he assumed that etching aluminum would be fine since he had his shop open at the time. anyway he started violently vomiting and didn't feel in his right mind, stayed out of work yesterday and was still a bit out of it today. Refuses to go to the hospital since the bill was so large last time, anyway what I am getting at is, How worried should I be?
  5. Nobody Special


    Heh heh.....my new casting furnace works GREAT. Steel crucible on the other hand..............
  6. Nobody Special


    Heh heh.....my new casting furnace works GREAT. Steel crucible on the other hand..............
  7. Welders Is there a process that I can use to join W1 drill rod, to 6061 aluminium? I am considering Loctite bearing and sleeve retaining compound, but I would prefer a better fusion. I have a DC arc welder and oxy torch available. What I have in mind is solder or brazing and relatively low temp to avoid a heat affected zone on the drill rod.
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