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  1. Hello again, I've finished the tooling for this build and thought I'd share. I saw Roberto Giordani's soapstone holder/pointer in Belgium and had to make something in a similar fashion. Here is a video of the process:
  2. Thanks everyone, more videos in the future.
  3. Thanks everyone, the starting stock was 1 1/8" x 1 3/8" of annealed H13. The kiss blocks are mild steel I machined to the correct thickness. They have held up really well so far, so long as you stop forging after hitting them.
  4. I needed tongs recently to hold flat bar, 1/4"x2" and thought I'd show the process here: Starting stock for both was 1"x4" square bar.
  5. If you are looking for ironwork, Absolutely go to Rouen in France. It is fairly close to where you're headed, I'll probably see you at the conference. In Rouen there is an old church they've converted to hold an ironwork collection that is the best in the world. Here it is on trip advisor: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g187191-d219327-i45569396-Musee_Secq_des_Tournelles-Rouen_Seine_Maritime_Haute_Normandie_Normandy.html If you only have time for one place, this is it. If you have more time/days for travel I can point you to other spots. A couple years ago I went around Europe for a month checking out ironwork and museums.
  6. Thanks I'm happy how the forgings came out. I have had a number of positive responses on my double calipers. My plan is to both make a video of the forging process and have a few sets available on my website in the next few months. I'm most current on instagram (rigoni_ironworks) for those interested. I will post there.
  7. I have a video of the process, but I forge Iron keeps shutting it down. Look up: forging a center punch on you tube.
  8. Here is my take on forging a center punch. I wanted to play with the visuals of an offset taper. One of my first projects as a journeyman smith was in Wales in Andy Rowe's shop. He had me forging long, offset tapers on big stock under the power hammer. I haven't seen that form in a center punch yet, so I thought I would give it a go.
  9. Trying to load this photo again, I cut the stem back afterwords. Thanks everyone, Forging Carver I just coated the handle with linseed oil after making it, maybe two weeks ago. It is dark from use. It will eventually gloss over like my older Hofi hammer with repeated use.
  10. A small, but complicated project I thought I'd share. The forging technique comes from Angelo Bartolucci. The starting stock I used was 5" of 3/16"x2" flat bar. The preform was hot cut/sawn out, then each part was forged. I'd like to try this again and clean up the parts a little better. Ok... now I can't rotate the image upright. I swear this site has more issues with photo editing. Anyone have an idea how to rotate an image on here?
  11. Thanks everybody. Yep, if you are in the Houston area this Saturday, I will be forging this axe at the mini conference at Steephollow forgeworks in Bryan, Tx. See the HABA website for details.
  12. Materials to make a drift: Anvil Hand hammer Block of metal to forge a taper Hand file to shape that taper oval If you are a blacksmith, you can make anything. You need a tool not readily available? Forge one.
  13. You can adjust the length of the blade by how much of a wedge bit you put in there as well.
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