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  1. No worries - I appreciate the effort in getting back to me Thing is you see I bought a rotary tool and needed to decide what to do with it! I'm going for a simplified pushmi-pullyu
  2. Not to me - I may be perennially stupid though. Thanks, that was the answer to the question I intended to ask. I don’t want to go professional - if I had the money I’d spend it on steel. I have a touch mark design which is simple like chisel marks so I guess I’ll try method 2 and follow your advice, see how it goes
  3. Again, Glenn I think maybe I've not described this properly. When I said touch mark I think I should have said touch mark stamp or touch mark die - I'm curious how to make the die not the mark itself.
  4. Sorry pnut I think you've misunderstood; both result in a punch with the design raised - it's just how it's made that's different...
  5. I've seen two ways of making touch marks: 1 - Cut the reverse image on the end of the stamp 2 - Cut the *correct* image on a piece of steel, then drive the stamp into it (when hot) Pros/cons of each?
  6. I was very proud of my vise stand. Until it broke the other day. The problem isn't the stand itself, it's the chunk of scaffold board I put on top to bolt the vise through. So something thicker and lag bolts next time
  7. I think the gotcha from this lot is the grinder will be living under the lean-to outside. Also I want a respirator.
  8. That’s no better, then it would cover my camper van
  9. As it's getting colder and I'm getting more into this, I need to think about space. So far I've been forging in a brake-disk/hair-dryer forge and grinding on a 2 x not-a-lot grinder from Aldi which I pull out from under my workbench when needed. Well the grinder ate itself so I'm building a 2x72, but I need to think about where it is. I'm preferring the idea of having it set up in the garage, but at the moment the outer (door) end of the garage is going to be my home-office work room. I'm not bothered about having tools and stuff around but I am bothered about metal filings and dust getting into my PC and coating my monitors. Does anyone else have a PC in the room they work/grind in? Would a welding curtain around the PC and shop vac (or hoover more likely) near the grinder solve the problem?
  10. At the moment I can heat about 2". 6" would be a luxury!
  11. Yeah I can - but it’s a bit of a pain. I need to work out a stock holder as well.
  12. I already have a coal forge. Smells better than charcoal. The reason I’m considering a propane forge at some point is the ease of sliding long pieces of material in and heating a reasonable size length evenly.
  13. Although I'm considering a gas forge at the moment in other thoughts, I really like the idea of a coal forge in my dream relatively-traditional-ish off-grid building. They smell of Yorkshire! But I do want a gas forge so I'm going to look into venturi burners. What I'm struggling to see is how long a gas bottle will actually last, they're not particularly cheap over here!
  14. No but they’re electric free. As in free electric (ok I put the wrong title on)
  15. You can definitely lump them together. A voltage regulator will sort out variations of course. If there was one which ran at 100c most effectively then the easiest thing would be a water boiler. I do like the idea of a steam engine running off it as well!