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  1. no, if something like that goes you either hide it inside the bin and hope the collectors don’t notice or are responsible for taking it to the council recycling centre. All of which are shut due to lockdown.
  2. Thing is, if I could get to somewhere with old microwaves I could get to somewhere with old speakers - or old chain...
  3. We’re just lucky we’re allowed miles
  4. There’s not many people in this country with that kind of land, rural or otherwise.
  5. We leave the house for exercise once a day or essentials. That’s it. The anvil is 200lb btw. Ill order some caulk on amazon and when I can get some steel I’ll make some chain. Not for deadening but because it’s a worthy thing to make.
  6. I don’t think you’re quite seeing the issues of lockdown. Although there is some logging in the uk, it’s not much. But unless they sell it at Tesco on our once-a-week shopping trip it has to be delivered. but the main thing is I just want to know how much is needed! 1’? 3’? 9’? One wrap or ten wraps? Does the weight of the chain matter? I can get chain I just don’t want to buy 30’ and find 6” would have done.
  7. Both junked speakers and scrapyards are hard to come by when you've been in lock down for two months.
  8. Ok, maybe faster wasn't the word to use. As I mentioned my horn tip isn't usable for this kind of size chain link (and I'd probably be using 8mm and a bit narrower a bend so the horn certainly wouldn't work). So would need to make a tool to bend it around - And if I'm going to make that then may as well make something I could do both ends with to get a nice consistent ring. None of that will involve less swinging of hangers.
  9. I'll have to modify that a bit as the tip of my horn is snapped off - but it looks like an interesting thing to try. Assume could make a multi-pronged hardy tool for bending links in the right place even quicker.
  10. I need to attach it to the stand as well so was hoping to combine the two; heavy (enough) magnets also not particularly cheap - caulk I have but I much prefer the look of a bit of chain. While I'm not averse to the idea, there are three issues with that. 1) I don't have enough stock and we're under lockdown 2) The neighbours - and my brain - would prefer the anvil to stop ringing *before* I make a load of chain and 3) It doesn't solve the problem of how much/what size
  11. How much (length and size) chain should one be wrapping around ones anvil? It’s not cheap and not particularly easy to Get hold of in the current situation
  12. Top tip: don’t do that!
  13. No worries - I appreciate the effort in getting back to me Thing is you see I bought a rotary tool and needed to decide what to do with it! I'm going for a simplified pushmi-pullyu
  14. Not to me - I may be perennially stupid though. Thanks, that was the answer to the question I intended to ask. I don’t want to go professional - if I had the money I’d spend it on steel. I have a touch mark design which is simple like chisel marks so I guess I’ll try method 2 and follow your advice, see how it goes
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