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  1. Thank you very much. Does any one know the signifance of the letter B being stamped into it?
  2. Hey guys, Can someone pull out a copy of "Anvils in America" and identify a new acquisition for me please? I have a friend that was kind enough to gift me a Hay Budden anvil that once belonged to his Father. The only thing he asked was that I never sell it and that I used it for what it was intended. He told me his Dad would be proud knowing that his anvil was being rung again by someone who enjoyed the craft. In addition he asked if I could find anything out about the history of the anvil to please pass it along to him. I would love to provide him with that information if I can. The anvil is in really nice shape. It has a steel top. It is 141 lbs or that is what is stamped on the side. You can clearly see Manufactured in Brooklyn NY on the side right above the weight and you can just barely make out Hay Budden above that. Under the horn there is # "3734" on the left side and a "B" on the right side. Under the heal of the anvil on the left bottom side there is a deep "3" stamped in it. Over all it is in very nice condition. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lawman A few pics of the numbers
  3. Well Frosty.......Maybe, Pointy Odd Object Friday, Pointy Old Object Friday, Pointy Oblong Object Friday, Pointy Ornate Object Friday, Pointy Ominous Object Friday........... How bout Just "Pointy Objects On Friday" Cool spike Knife by the way. I haven't worked up the courage to try a animal head yet. I like the way yours turned out.
  4. I have the cones as well. Like you I thought it was a good deal and had to pick one up. Shipping is a little steep @ $90 something dollars, but if you want a mandrel and have to have it shipped you are gonna pay no matter where you get it from. Haven't got too much use out of it yet but its nice to have in the arsenal. Like I read someone say on here once before, "If its a tool you only need once, its a tool you needed!"
  5. No. But to be fair it is only a couple of months old and I am a Hobby guy so I'm not beating it every day like it owes me money. That being said I expect it will out live me by a large margin. Its made out of ductile iron but it doesn't really nead to be as hard as a anvil, at least not for the way I use it. Others may have another opinion. I know there are quite a few of these things in circulation so maybe a few other members will chime in. I guess I should add that the block is sent as it is popped out of the casting so it requires finishing by the smith. Apparently thats how they keep the cost down,. Not a big deal. get a flapper wheel and a die grinder and get after it......Works just Fine...Lasts Long Time!!!!
  6. I have a Nimba Titan and love it. I do not regret the purchase at all. That being said I would love to have a Refflinghaus south german pattern.........Maybe some day. If you need a swage block, look at Saltfork Craftsmen. You can get a 65# one for about $150. You'll have to do a little sanding on it but I like mine.
  7. now that was very cool. Thanks for sharing. I like that power hammer jig you have. I might have to steal that Idea at some point.
  8. You were kind enough to direct me to it in my first post on here. http://www.alaforge.org/files/Tire_Hammer_Tools_small.pdf Thanks, Ill go back and read it again
  9. Here are some more pictures of the tools in progress.
  10. Started on some more tooling today. Bought some 4140 round stock and chopped it up on the bandsaw. This is obviously not finished but I have a top and bottom full length fuller started. Have to do a little welding to make it where i can bolt it to the flat dies but I think its gonna work out. Also started on a side set. Gonna make some handles out of 1/4" round stock and weld it on. Then I will use this tool to make a swage where I can forge a replacement later when I screw this one up . Have a round back flatter started as well but I dont have a picture yet
  11. Thanks for all the input guys.......its appreciated. To be honest this is the first thing that I made and I wasn't going for a particular dimension. I haven't measured it yet but the blade is probably pretty close to 1 1/4" tall. I can grind it shorter if I need to but I bought some pretty thick 4140 drop offs to make tools with and thought much shorter would be too small to get the job done. Sounds like the consensus is that my handle is too thick..........that seems easy enough to rectify. As for the steel I did check it with a file and the file cuts it pretty readily. It is definitely not hard right now. I let it air cool out of the forge and have not attempted to heat treat it yet. I can leave it like it is and give it a try. If I screw it up.......I'm a blacksmith....I'll build another.
  12. Well.....I made my first Power Hammer Tool today using my new hammer. Starting to get the hang of it a little I guess. I decided to start with a cutter. It started out as a brand new lawnmower blade. My neighbor works at a lawnmower repair shop and they were throwing away all of the new blades if they could not identify what they belonged to, so he brought me about 50# of em. I haven't tried it out yet because I haven't heat treated it yet. I am going to assume that it is a oil quench steel and see if it will harden that way, then i'll temper it to Blue. Probably fully soften the handle with a torch heat after that. Hope it works OK. What do you guys think? I didn't think it was to bad of a start.
  13. Thanks! Im discovering that there is a learning curve that I'm somewhere near to the bottom of!!! It should be an enjoyable ride getting to the top of the curve though.
  14. Well.......After 7 months of waiting my new hammer has arrived. Dang that thing is heavy. Day 1 was a disappointment. My 50 horse tractor wouldn't pick it up off the trailer? It had to spend the night under a tarp. Had to call in a favor to a friend with a fork lift just to get it off the trailer. Haven't got it all permanently piped in yet, but so far I can tell I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this thing.
  15. Good Luck Russell. Sounds like a heck of an adventure. I have not forgot about your tongs by the way..... my hammer ought to be here in a couple weeks.
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