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  1. While it may have seemed like a sarcastic answer by ThomasPowers the value depends on location and condition. A picture would have show the condition. Value is a variable
  2. A CPAP machine makes a good positive pressure system
  3. From what I find on the net the HMT was made/built in India and the company is still in business. I would check with them
  4. Wear hearing protection or go deaf?
  5. Power vent blowers from gas appliances work well
  6. When working in the machine shop if we received a part with burrs on it, it went back to the last person that worked on it
  7. Look up Sean Conner's blueprint for easy tongs
  8. The faster they run the harder they act and less aggressive as noticed in the fine belts. Run the recommended surface feet per minute and then make your adjustments. As stated above there are to many variables to give cast in stone advice.
  9. you can tap at 65% without a problem and as low as 50% thread in some of the harder alloys. Also machinery's handbook has all that info and much more
  10. Prepare it the way you want it to look when finished. There are several other factors like depth of penetration and colour to think about also, it can be polished or left unpolished. Anodize process forms a layer of aluminum oxide.on the surface to the depth of penetration requested, but it is only a few thousands deep.
  11. Put some pinwheels on top of it just to dazzle him or irritate him which ever it does
  12. Try soaking it in a boiling hot boric acid solution. I have heard of this being done in the Caribbean to stop fungal and insect attacks
  13. Welcome Bert Don't forget to check out NYSDB Genesee forge your local ABANA group. The meet in Marion at this time. Next meeting is 3rd Saturday in September. Website is <http://www.nysdb.org/>. I hope to see you there
  14. A friend of mine took a large bird nest and put teasel tops in it and when people asked what they were he would reply porcupine eggs
  15. make sure you line it with clay so you don't burn it out
  16. It sounds good, just remember SAFETY first when running it
  17. You don't say how far east you are but if you are in the thousand islands are you might also want to check out the NYSDB Adirondack forge

  18. A friend of mine built one using the motor and control from a treadmill. The motor was a 2 hp dc and it worked very well. The price was right to free
  19. There are also some downloadable books on this site along with a wealth of information
  20. Looks great. The only suggestion is to add the nasty teeth
  21. For copper forming taps with heavy pressure lube work the best. Be sure to use the proper tap drill for these as they are a different size than for taps that cut.
  22. Look into the Genesee forge group and the Niagara group of NYSDB one meets the second Sunday and the other meets the 3rd Saturday of the month check out the web site. There should be a couple that are willing
  23. There are many people in the USA that can not write very well in English. Do not worry your English is fine.
  24. A good source of cast iron grates is your local plumbing supply. They have different size floor drain grates that work well in a forge and are cheap to replace if needed
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