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  1. Concerning the rebar no holding heat: what I meant was the rebar cools WAY too fast. I also learned not to put a hammer to it when it's black heat. I also found that yes, quenching rebar leads to cracking and/or shattering. I was told about that, but had forgotten. It doesn't matter because I was just practicing anyway.
  2. if you want to see the device in action, i have videos posted of it on facebook. Add me as a friend if interested: www.facebook.com/davidbdix
  3. hahahaha frankenblower. That's hilarious. When you said "not gearing it up quite so far", were you referring to the length of the chains? What I meant by too much work is that I'm still turning the pedal drive too many times. If I added more to the whole gear train, the torque required to turn one revolution would be WAY too much. It's pretty okay now the way it is. I suppose if I made some type of worm gear, I could get the same crazy RPM's as a "real" blower. That may be fun to experiment with. That's all this was - an experiment. Fortunately it worked out with positive results.
  4. Thanks for the great replies. I appreciate and welcome all comments, both negative and positive.
  5. I think you're right about losing a lot of heat in that street rail. Until I start my new job I can't afford a blacksmith's anvil. Hopefully soon.
  6. What about where I should be ordering. So far, I haven't really found a location in St. Louis. (I live in Collinsville, Illinois). That makes me think I need to order online. Recommended sites?
  7. I FINALLY took off the old hand pump operating mechanism to my forge and made a new mechanism. Since I'm out of work at the moment, I decided to use a bunch of old bicycle parts (gears and chains) to make my own hand-crank mechanism. It works like a champ! The mechanism is split into 3 main sections: gear train under the forge, middle gear train, and the pedal drive gear. The gear ratios from the driver to the blower are: 3.42:1, 2:1, 2:1, 2.33:1. I think the final ratio is about 25:1 or somewhere in there. It really flies, but I feel like I am still doing too much work. When I get something worth trading, or enough money, I'd like to buy a nice used buffalo blower. Then again, this forge is a small rivet forge. I might just hold on tight until I can find a good deal on a forge and blower. We'll see. Here's some photos:
  8. I'm having a hard time finding scrap that holds heat. All I have to work with is a bunch of rebar and railroad spikes. The rebar can't hold heat at all, and the spikes aren't going to be able to do what I want them to do. My purpose is to make some decorative things (some for my blaket chest I am building), as well as some candleholders, quite a few pairs of tongs, some wall hooks, and a few other things. Since I have not worked with steel bars, I could really use some information on what type I should order, thickness, and length. Also, I am just about to start working a new job, so my wallet is not loaded at the moment. I'm looking for good material to work with with decent prices. Should I also buy rivets for the tongs I wish to make? I don't have any rivets yet. Thanks! David Dix
  9. Rofl, I wish the first moment was that grand and exciting. It was more like this: Standing out in 80% humidity, clothes completely soaked with sweat, getting eaten alive my mosquitos, back aching from pulling a muscle due to carrying the forge, arms are getting tired from pumping +300 times to just get the coals to stay lit, and FINALLY getting a forge heat, the brand new leather belt starts slipping because it had stretched out. that's about how it went. Fortunately, I went back later for a second go. I was able to get some rebar up to a forge heat and banged the heck out of it. lol. That made me SO happy.
  10. David Dix

    Two Jim's

    Greetings! I like the prayer list. Could you please remember my cousin Jim Zimmer in Texas. He's going through the ends of a divorce, and his wife is moving out this week. Please pray that his new life brings faith and hope. Could you also please pray for our ex-pastor Jim Brinkman in Collinsville, Illinois who just stepped down yesterday at church because a few people complained about him. He was just ordained as a minister, and now feels down in the dumps. It's sometimes hard to stay in good spirits when a few people disagree with what you believe in. Please pray for some guidance and comfort in his life. Thank you! David Dix