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  1. Hello, I am from Bangalore, India and in the process of re-building an old Heavy Duty lathe machine. I was wondering if i can get any information/help here. I have an operating manual for the machine, but that doesn't help me much. The machine i'm trying to re-condition is HMT L45 Lathe. Is there s thread/sub-forum here which is specifically related to http://www.hmtmachinetools.com/introduction.htm (HMT) machines? I hope this is the right forum i'm posting on. If not, please let me know and i'll move the topic accordingly. Any information will be great. I would also like to know if any spars (gears, shafts, spindles, etc) are available for these machines? If not here, is it possible that it's available anywhere on the internet? Thanks! - Sid.
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