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  1. 2 hours at 1600 F, Oil quench, 2 hours at 650 F... should have put it at 50 RC. File won't bite, and I've been using it to flare pipe ends for new burners, not a scratch or dent at all, I am quite happy.
  2. It's made from 1340, Turned on a lathe, to be heat treated. On the matter of selling any, I made it in my spare time during school from scrap. I don't think I could afford the steel, let alone ask a decent price for it. Also, won't have spare time on the lathes till the end of next semester.
  3. 3/4 to 2 1/2 inch diameter, 6 1/2 inch tall, 7/8 inch shank
  4. Saw the first anvil in the area after 1 1/2 years of looking. Looks to be in good shape, rings nice. It's in an antique shop. Is $325 too much? It's a vulcan
  5. It is possible, That sheet is very thin though. The pipe is small, it would be like using a cold chisel, where speed makes up for the weight of the tool. If it wasn't on a 'butcher's block' it wouldn't work. I worked at Albion Swords, we've cut through the same with European style swords.
  6. Paying $1000 for it with extra jaws, steady rests, and a trunk load of other extras. Ran smooth. I am excited.
  7. Your only 3 1/2 hours away from West Virginia, I used to live in Bluefield, right at the bottom of the state, I got mine from a gas station/shop a few blocks from home for $8/80lbs, If you have a truck, might be an option.
  8. When I worked at Albion, we just used aluminum blocks in our bending jig. The simplest being three 1/2" aluminum rods with a wire through them to make a 'T' (so it wouldn't fall through the vise jaws) and crank on the vise after it was up to temp. If your still afraid of goofing up the blade, cover the aluminum with leather, it'll do fine at that temperature.
  9. First one I've ever seen, well technically second, about 30 feet ahead of this one I found one that was rusted past fixing. This one cost me $35, works fine. I got the rusted one too... The leg has been repaired with a section of pipe though. A little unsightly.
  10. Glad this has struck up so much conversation. I start heading towards my mechanical engineering degree this summer, so this is rather intriguing. Anyways, If anyone cares, I added the feet and it know weighs in a 112.2 lbs.
  11. Thanks, I was lucky enough to find two matching pipe ends the same diameter as my forge. It's a bit overkill in some situations, but has proved itself as a foundry. That's copper spilled on the stones. <_<
  12. Thanks Eric! I think I might have talked my roommate into shaping the horn... hehehe But that is what I had in mind.
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