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  1. Sadly none of them could think of anywhere sensible. Should have mentioned that in my original post, but it was late and I was tired. Not sure on what the rules are for just using a forge randomly in public....I imagine not very welcoming!
  2. I've not had a chance to use my forge for a few years now and its been grating on me for ages. Circumstances forced me into rented accommodation, where I cannot use my forge. I have everything safely stored up and I would love to use it again. Not least because I have just joined a historical reenactment society and being able to make things would be hugely beneficial. I can't for the life of me think of anywhere sensible to set up my forge. I thought I would ask you good people and see if you can come up with something. Any thoughts?
  3. I cannot find adequate words to describe my jelousy. That kind of shop I can only dream of. Good luck with the rest of your build.
  4. All that mead and a load of smithing. Wow. Heaven! Hope I can make it.
  5. Excellent stuff! They look fantastic and will really add a lot of character to pieces. Some of them look really fiddly.
  6. After being made redundant (again) and looking for work, this would have been perfect for me. Doing something I love and gaining additional skills. Shame i'm in Oxfordshire.
  7. Hi Giles. I may be going to the Thame show with the missus. If I come along I will come and say hello.
  8. Well this is interesting. I was originally going to be in the running to be on this programme, but couldn't commit to it in the end due to going to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro for charity and then taking on a new job. Strangely I found Joel on Facebook and never knew he was on here, or on that programme. Will have to get round to wathing this at some point.
  9. Nice stuff. Very well reproduced curves. Very consistent. Thats a very appropriately named town you come from.
  10. Good luck Debbie. I'm from West Oxfordshire, so about an hour and a bit away. I can't recomend the blacksmiths guild highly enough. John will set you right on just about anything you want to learn, or the craft in general.
  11. TomN

    wine rack

    What a stunning bit of artistic design. I wish I had a tenth of your creativity. That is a lovely piece in design, function and execution. I hope you got a good price for it, because it deserves one!
  12. I'm 32 and wish I could get an apprenticeship as a blackmsith as well. Good luck Gary. Hope you have better luck than I did!
  13. Hmmm, the Stepney City Farm sounds very promising. I will get in contact with them and see what the deal is. Not had a chance to do any forging for some time, as I have been busy training and fundraising for a chairty climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, I am doing in February. As for the Widdecombe forge...........I suposse I could divorce the wife and live in the forge there. Haha. Thanks for posting these up John. Great find!
  14. I have had to take a bit of a break from the rebuild at the moment, as I am climbing Kilimanjaro for charity in February and my fundraising wasn't going well. Needed a lot more time spent on it. At the latest I will be back to finish this off in late February, early March.
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