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  1. I've used the plaster of Paris and playsand mix in my 20lb propane forge. After about a month of use and not heavy use at all, the plaster degraded enough that I could not use the forge anymore. I tipped the forge up and it all fell out.
  2. I did not know I had to kiln wash the blanket. What does that do?
  3. I plan to line it with ceramic wool and possibly put a fire brick inside on the bottom to place material on. What do you think
  4. I want to go with a layered leather handle. But I've never done one before. Practice makes perfect.
  5. Here are some progress pics. I ended up taking the rubber off the handle. I am planning to make a layered leather handle. Will post a pic when it's done.
  6. Made this a couple of weeks ago. It was a 22oz Stanley framing hammer that I had laying in the garage. The claws had both broken off and I wanted to make it in to something new. All it needs now is a new handle.
  7. again chris john very nice . how do you etch the drawings in there they are so detailled.
  8. i have always loved that style of axe and the era. my sons name is actually odin as well.
  9. Nice job love the dragon and the the horn of Odin. They suit it.
  10. I'm by no means experienced in making billets'(have tried several times and failed ). But if you ground the file down and then put it between the blades and welded the perimeter solid. In my opinion you are trapping air between the layers making it not weld cause no matter how you grind there will always be little divots where air can be caught. my solution would be just to spot weld the corners or something in that regards.
  11. Another fairly cheap blower is a bathroom ceiling fan and its not that load
  12. Wow that looks pretty awsome. Are you going to be filling the gaps on top or grinding it down. Any way I'm sure it will do the job.
  13. Ok cool thanks alot556 mp will definitely try that.
  14. I have also started in this awesome hobby. Let me be the first to say welcome to I forge iron.
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