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  1. They are doing a batch production and they want less labour work with more efficient production. They are producing max of 1000 per batch and minimum of 200 per batch. They want to change this batch production as much to flow production if possible. The whole process goes from heating, forging, flash is removed and a hole is punched in the ends, bars are placed into furnace and then shaped to customer requirements, oil quenched, checked for quality, tempered and another quality control test, coldwork to correct movement during heat treatment, shot-peened, painted, machined, bushed and packed. I'm focusing on the forging stage in this batch production. Sorry I'm new to this. Sorry if my questions are not right.
  2. Its the process for solid sway bars which uses hot forging. I'm researching about their initial stage of their process. They're taking about 90 minutes for the whole process from start to finish. Finish as in until packaging. The forging process they're doing is slow because they heat, bulge, punch, shape and cool down one end at the time. The cooling time is about half an hour and they cool down both ends first before going to the next machine in the overall process.
  3. I'm actually helping out a factory to produce 1 sway bar per minute as my project at University. Currently they are punching and shaping using different machines. These tool changes that make the production slow. That is why I'm finding out if there is a machine that have tool changes with combined punching end hole and shaping the end. Both ends that is. This production is for solid sway bars which uses hot forging. The company wants to produce 1 sway bar per minute. Currently they are punching half way through to make a hole at the end, then remove the flash, and finally punch the hole all the way though. Is there a machine that have both processes combined (punching and shaping)? and does punching and shaping at the same time will damage the die? how can this be reduced?
  4. Is there a machine that is both combined with punching hole and shaping the ends of sway bars process during hot forging? Where can I get this machine? What is the size dimensions of this machine?
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