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    Too many interests to list. Professional blacksmith (self trained) since 1975. Hydro electric developer. Reforestation project Costa Rica. Designer and machinery inventor. Interested in History, Economics, philosophy, nutrition and optimal health.

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    Thank you for answering the question I posed as well as the next question I was formulating!
  2. jgg48


    Riga Rooster bolted together and almost done. Here are some photos of a project that had me immersed for awhile - a 2 foot tall repousse Rooster like the church weather vanes from Riga Latvia, hammered from 1/8 inch plate steel. I took what I liked from the 2 best examples and added a few touches. The feather scheme from one (more stylized) was combined with the general body and crown of the other. Although the form and details are quite simple, this involved countless hours creating the tools and inventing techniques, as well as the time actually forging and assembling. This puts
  3. jgg48


    © Joshua Greenwood

  4. Hello from Virginia, You have a beautiful Holthaus anvil. The Holthaus family were apparently wonderfully educated. The overall proportions and form of larger Holthaus anvils are often like sculpture. In particular I love the logo with the triangle in the center and the three associated squares, which is of course the Pythagorean Theorem.
  5. There is a lot of good advice here with substantial healthy variation. I am making a video on Basis hammering technique.The deeper I get into it the less I know. That being said: I advocate an extremely loose hand grip, German cross pein hammer geometry (din 1041), and a hammer snapping technique that allows one to hit effectively at a wide variety of heights and angles as well as from different directions. That being so, the requirements of the left hand become more important than the right hand. Relationships with power hammers and forges are also factors. I set anvil heights for specific
  6. Recent German history is a delicate issue, painful and poignant on all sides. 18 million Germans perished including my wife's father, who was lost in the counter attack at Stalingrad. Being on time is still a matter of life and death for her - she remembers them closing the door of the bomb shelters with people still outside. Her later step father was a psychiatrist who protected incurables by miss labeling them, fought in the battle of Berlin, escaped from Russian and American prison camps, and nursed many Jewish holocast survivors back to life. My anvils went through all of that. For my part
  7. Thank you for your interest and your compliment. I am importing anvils from Germany on a very limited basis. I sold my first batch a few months ago, then I got the urge to do it again, and then I had extraordinary luck, as you will see. A couple points were mentioned that I can respond to in a very limited way. When I was in Germany 20 years ago it was very diffficult to buy my first anvil. The older Germans treasured their anvils for their utility and their history. The new generation is a different story. The horrendous role Germany played in WW2 and their crushing and humiliating defeat
  8. Thank you Aaron, There are 3 great Church Windows anvils, and yes there were some surprises, as in great and spectacular. I'll try to post them soon. Josh
  9. I will have some time this evening to reduce the size of the images and repost them. Sorry for the inconvenience. Josh
  10. Thank you very much. Wives and anvils don't always get along. You have the durability and investment arguments. You could try the cost per pound argument. Used anvils can go for $2 on up to $6 a pound for something good. A lot of junk food costs more than that, and that weight gets added to your waist. Um...how much per pound for a purse or a pair of shoes? Lifting anvils is good exercise. Oggling anvils (rather than other stuff) stimulates endorfins! For me it was a long haul. I'm just lucky for now. My wife still doesn't understand why I need 9 power hammers. Thanks again, Josh
  11. Frank, Thank you for the 2 references. I am familiar with the terrific videos from Helmut. I have checked out Jim Austin's website. I will try to contact them. The best source I have found so far is the Refflinhause site where they have a page of German anvil factories and marks. There were many more makers.
    Your pupil and my friend Johan Cubillos in Costa Rica lost an eye while grind...

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