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  1. OK, I’ll give it a try with what I have. We’ll see what happens. Thanks MST
  2. Thanks Frosty, Have you made a 1/2" style burner? I have some 1/2" schedule 160 pipe, will a 3/4" X 1/2" work (3/4" X 3/4" with a reducer). parts are limited out here. I'm thinking about making a burner out of this. 1/2" schedule 160 pipe has a .466 ID which makes it just a little smaller than a 3/8" schedule 40, with lots of meat on the sides. Is the 3/4" run size to much air? I have 0.023 mig tips. I'm trying to make a hot little burner with what I have on hand. I figure the length to be 3.75, just a little over 8 X the ID. I can make any size flare needed. The only limit is the size o
  3. I'm coming out of the shadows. I have been reading and lurking for months to try and learn what I should do. Well I have done it. I finished relining my old propane shell forge. I bought the supplies from Glenn before I left on deployment. looks like I won't be able to upload pictures until I get back in to port. I will ask for Critque when I can upload photos. I used 2 layers of #8 INSWOOL, properly "buttered" before I sprayed with rigidizer, then heated to set. buttered wool again before applying Plicast 3000, (it was free). Finally coated interior with Pilstix 900F. I think it is go
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