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  1. It's really too bad. I just got rid of my wagon tongue collection. I think I will use the bolts like Chris the Curious Said.
  2. I haven't decided how I'm going to mount it. If anyone has any good setups for this style of vise I'd love to see it.
  3. You're telling me. I wish I could find an approximate draw for it. I'll post a Pic of the full vise tomorrow.
  4. This vise only has half a maker's mark. Does anyone recognize it? I don't have a picture of the vise put together right now, but it's a wagon tongue vise.
  5. Can anyone tell me the general dimensions of a 300 lb fisher?
  6. When and where? well, I checked out the website like i should have done before i asked, and I'll be working...
  7. well I am a big fan of skulls and belt buckles, and I think its pretty xxxxxxxx cool...
  8. these are very cool. what is a cold shut, and how long have you been working metal?
  9. I would also point that when a person says asking X-amount/OBO, it usually means they are willing to settle for quite a bit less, but trying to start negotiations high. not always, but usually.
  10. he should have listed it as 8 hydroponic duct fans long... anyway, very beautiful anvil.
  11. I just sent off my membership request today. very excited.
  12. I promise to twist the next, but not at the handle.
  13. I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that I did not twist those, it was present in the scrap I used to make them. I don't even have a vise yet...
  14. I didn't follow any plans or anything, i just wanted to make something. so if something about the design doesn't make sense, that's because at this point i really don't know what I'm doing. also I found that my forge is too deep which is why I ran out of time in the first place. It's difficult to effectively heat something long, and will be until I cut a shallow spot into the side of my forge.
  15. This is my first pair of tongs, my first project really. I'm not finished, however it got too late to continue. I couldn't resist drilling them and running a bolt through them to see how they looked. I'll finish shaping them and cleaning them up, then rivet them and put up another picture. i plan on shaping the jaws to hold square bar.
  16. Charlie Sheen accidentally stored this anvil inside his career.
  17. thank you for putting my mind at ease, I was worried because this is going to be a giant source of free metal for me and I would hate for it to be unusable.
  18. I hear words like fatigued, micro-fractures, and [poor] crystalline structure, and I wonder how much these would apply to used drilling cable.
  19. I have access to drilling line, it's a braided cable that ranges in sizes but the stuff I have is 1 1/8" in diameter. After reading a thread about leaf springs, I wonder if it would be safe to make into blades or just to use in general. its only used on the rig for a matter of months, but it obviously goes through some intense stress during that time. so... is it safe?