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  1. For my shop anvil I just made the stand 1/2 in too tall then sat my anvil on it and drew around it with a sharpie removed the anvil and routered out 1/2 in inside my sharpie lines it is stable and I have had no problems with movment of any kind
  2. I feel your pain at Tater Day (Yep Tater Day) in Benton Ky three years ago there were tornados and I had no shelter to begin with but when it all cleared off there were 2 ez-up in my spot I ask around and nobody clamed em so I still use them to this day, even after that I still prefer outdoor shows, I just check the weather first now
  3. when I am coverd in sweat and folks ask " arn't you hot " I always reply " lord no, thats condensation"
  4. Out of the three I use my drill press the most but I do zero blade smithing
  5. tagkver

    freon tank

    I have been wondering this myself
  6. I would charge more, if it ain't selling try going up on price before going down nine times out of ten it works !
  7. try gunsmiths they usually have junk laying around
  8. I grew up with firearms, some for hunting, some for plinking, some for personal protection, and some just for the hell of it. I am glad you agree with the right to own guns and really you don't have to understand it, I own every thing from a flint lock tower pistol to AR-15s I just like them it is part of my life, I also have my permit and carry almost daily, hunting is still a big part of my life, I also enjoy target shooting including service rifle compatition. That said in my neck of the woods you really need a firearm of some sort. On the 2 occasions I have needed to call the sheriff department it took them over 30min to get to my place, both times I am convinced that the 1911 on my hip prevented some bad stuff. But hey if ya want to forge a gun into something knock yourself out, as long as its your gun and not mine I don't care.
  9. hey Gorlimtouk welcome to the forum. just out of curiousity where are ya from?
  10. how would it be considered bad form?
  11. first attempt that ain't bad for a 5th
  12. tagkver


    welcome, ya know I have always been glad I started sminthing in the winter, guess I'm scared if I started in the summer I wouldn't have kept at it long enough to get addicted! Good luck and enjoy the class.
  13. I would check into what kind of personal liability you would have in this, other than that it sounds both benifical and fun, good luck!
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