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  1. A good friend and long time user of H13, cooled /quench a H13 tool around 1000-1200 degrees and it went soft. He repeated process and the same thing happened. Heat it up and straighten it, reheat and air cool rapidly. Good luck
  2. November 4 Friday Night at John C Campbell Folk School there will be a Hammer-in to make items donated for their Blacksmith and Fine Crafts Auction on Nov. 5 2016 1-4 PM. There will also be an AACB/ABANA NC meeting Saturday Morning with a demonstrator and an Iron In the Hat (blacksmith items raffle). JCCFS is located at One Folk School Lane in Brasstown NC.28902, or go to for more AACB events and click on calander. slowpoke
  3. I have been told that most steering parts are made from 4140. A oil harden alloy steel. I have made bending forks and top and bottom tools with steer parts for many years. If you are going to weld the forged tie rod stock to a piece of mild steel for a handle/ mounting. Tack weld first then preheat to a faint dull red and finish welding. Have fun Slowpoke
  4. Welcome, Blackwolfe, to the world of blacksmithing. As you are already learning, many people are always willing to help. Wayne is a great source of information and a good teacher as well - you are lucky to have him close. The state of Tennessee has a large blacksmith group, Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths (AACB), with 50 years of history. The AACB group in the Knoxville area is the Clinch River Blacksmith Guild. You can go online to and find their contact information and view all upcoming events on the calendar. Looking forward to more of your posts on iforgeiron. Slowpoke
  5. Bacpacker, Everyone is welcome. There will be a demo, a nice meal, a short meeting, then an Iron-in-the-Hat drawing. The Knoxville group is a fine group of very talented individuals. Go online to check the calendar for other AACB events/details at Thanks for asking! Slowpoke
  6. These are two ring projects being submitted as part of a larger project to be auctioned off at the Southern Blacksmith Association (SBA) Conference May 14-16, 2015 in Madison, GA. It’s a pretty cool project and I just wanted to share it with everyone. These two rings represent two of the four local forges that were asked to make rings to represent the Appalachian Area Chapter Blacksmiths (AACB). AACB is one of seven SBA Chapters, each of which will submit four rings, totaling 28 in all. All of the ring-builders are busy completing their rings for submission. The rings will be built into seven section of gothic-style panels which could be connected to form a folding freestanding “room divider”. The theme for this project is blacksmithing idioms, and sets of idioms were chosen by each ring designer/builder. For example, one of the idioms for the ring with the ax was “To Have an Ax To Grind”. This ring was built by Dan Pelletier and Keith Herendon and represents Fiddler’s Grove Blacksmith Association (FGBA). The other ring with the anvil was built by Ron Nichols representing Rutherford County Blacksmith Association (RCBA). You can see the completed project at the SBA Conference in May. The demonstrators will be Peter Ross, Jason Knight with Billy Ridgill, and Michael Dillon, so it should be a really good time. Hope to see everyone there!
  7. Jwilson645, Thanks so much for becoming a member of AACB. You will receive a welcome letter and electronic copy of the past newsletter in the very near future. Looking forward to meeting you. Ron Nichols
  8. Adam 9, thanks for the nice compliments about the tool cart. My plans for the cart were in the AACB (Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths) newsletter several months back. You are welcome to pass along the plans, and I would love to see if anyone recommends any improvements to the cart. It is actually covered on the ends and top with 14-gauge sheet steel, and there is also a divider down the middle separating the shelves from the hammer racks. On top, I keep a regular toolbox with drawers holding chisels and specialty tools. I'm hoping I've attached a picture of mine - maybe it will help some folks. I will also try to post the plans as well. Slowpoke (Ron)
  9. Donald, There are 10 AACB members making the Clay Spencer Treasure Chest at my shop this week. Great group of guys! Very nice meeting this past the Murfreesboro RCBA forge. Looking forward to the AACB 50 Year Celebration in Lebanon Tn. Check out the new link on the AACB website for information. Slowpoke (Ron)
  10. Cut them out of 1/4 in. sq. Cut the top a little longer and draw it out to a long taper and put a eye on the end (with scrolling tongs) to attach a cord. I will use a small two brick gas forge for the opening up. Then I have a treadle torch to heat the tapered end (this a big help). I will cut 125 out in about 3- 4 hrs with my porta band saw with a small table mounted on it using guides and stops. Then about 2-3 hrs to forge out. I also made a putty knife like tool with a S-7 tool steel blade attached to a 5/16 round twisted handle, for opening the cross this also is a big time saver. Then like you I will give them all away.
  11. The promoting of young smiths that Brian does across the country is a great asset to the future of the craft of blacksmithing. We at Appalachian Area Chapter Blacksmiths are looking forward to watch him in action with two young smiths, Owen Turner and Josh Hastings, at our upcoming conference ( in Murfreesboro TN. These guys are very excited about this opportunity. Brian's teaching skills and patience with young smiths is impeccable and a joy to watch.
  12. ANDREW, thanks for the kind words about the AACB Blacksmith Conference. The Conference Chairman, Clint Busbee (BUZZ), has put together an outstanding group of demonstrators. Some AACB members will be doing short demonstrations as well: Dave Smucker, Mike Rose, John Willams, Gary Bowman, Jason Bivens , Broadus Weatherall, and Lonnie Farmer. The number of vendors is growing at a fast pace - Buzz is known for his rapport with all the vendors and tailgaters. The venue for the conference is Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village In downtown Murfreesboro TN, about three blocks from the city square and about 25 mi. southeast of Nashville. Lots of good food and great shopping for the wives! Go online and check out the website - you can register with PayPal or credit card. It'll be a great weekend of fun!! Hope to see you there. http://www, SLOWPOKE
  13. Welcome to IFI. There is a lot of good info and people here to help you out. You might try a local group Choo Choo forge they meet at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Station. They have some great talent there. I know that they sell coal to there members and they have a great green coal program. Choo Choo is part of the AACB a Tennessee group . Hope to see you some day Slowpoke