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  1. While out looking for smithing tools I happened upon this post vise (no pictures) I saw just out of the corner of my eye and rushed over because I was so excited about having found something blacksmithing related that I didn't notice anything else. While looking it over I saw something else in my peripherals. I don't know how I didn't trip on it but in my excitement I just past it by. A nice 100 lb Swedish (according to the tag) anvil for only $475 and on the floor next to it a smaller I am guessing about 40 lbs for $75. The large one had nice edges and no noticeable robots in the face. The sm
  2. I got a new hair dryer for my blower made me a new flange and ash dump. I will post pictures as soon as the paint dries. Does anyone know the age of one of these or anything about the mohawk brand?
  3. Sorry, Wayne I didn't see your post until this afternoon. I was out of town at that time. Again thanks for the offer.
  4. Thanks Wayne, I do alot work down near Burrville and that area. I would like to take you up on that offer as I live only about a mile out side of Elgin.
  5. I tried to turn all the bolts and gears and to my surprise all of them turned except for on the bottom of the fire pot. They looked too far gone to mess with. I just might end up cutting them out with a torch. ?After reading up on these forges I have decided to line it. But first i am going paint and find the blower for it
  6. I am brand new to blacksmithing. I am working on building up my tools - hammers, tongs, a vise, and an anvil. So far, I have an old rivet forge that I am working on fixing up and a ball pein hammer. I am looking for any advice on finding the tools of the trade. Which ones do I really need to make knives and small ornamental pieces.
  7. Oh I forgot to mention what I want to make with it. I want to make some knives and small ornamental pieces for woodworking projects. Not really full time stuff but simple hobby things.
  8. I bought my first forge the other day at the highway 127 yard sale for $50. I was told that it was called a bellows forge or a rivet forge. The only markings I found on it is on the side of the pan it says No. 77 Mohawk. It is missing the bellows aka the blower, arm, and grate. I would like to learn more about this forge the only thing I could find is an ebay listing for one very similar if no the same. ebay link removed I plan on making it operation but I am unsure whether I should update it to an electric blower or make it as close to original as possible by building my own bellows.
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