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  1. Hiya folks. I'm buying this old fly press and I'm curious about its origins. I googled around to my best capacity but was unable to find anything about the press or the manufacturer. The press is about 2 meters/6,5 feet high and weights around 350kg/770 pounds Any sort of info on it would be greatly appreciated, cheers.
  2. Hiya folks, I had a day all to meself at the shop few days back and made an incense holder and a housewife's knife for my better half. The incense holder looks a bit too short here, I had no measurement for it, just went by feel. It turned out allright though, all the ashes have been caught so far. I made the knife from a piece of old hay rake spike, hardened and tempered. More on the type of knife: https://nordiskaknivar.wordpress.com/2013/12/28/emannanveitsi-womans-knife/
  3. Had a 7 year long hiatus from smithing but now I've gotten back to it and here's one of me first touches. The finish is hot applied linseed oil. Good to be back.
  4. Thats really nice looking hammer you got there, anxiously waiting for the blueprint.
  5. Thanks Mr. Turley, lots of new useful information there for all of us.
  6. Well, at least it's very portable. I wouldn't mind having one.
  7. Half faced hammer blow means striking so that the hammer face is half on half off the anvil, as if you'd be trying to hit the anvil edge dead on.
  8. Wow, don't you just love those situations when a beautiful piece of steel simply walks on ya? I know I do!
  9. Here's something to start with. http://www.oldlocks.com http://www.lashistoria.se/en/site/hl/
  10. Wow, these really hit my spot. Excellent work.
  11. Dennis, you got the dimensions just about right. Thou I don't know the exact dimensions since I didn't measure it and the customer already took it. Thanks for compliments Edit: the grapes were 16mm in diameter. No idea about the weight.
  12. The finish is brushing and clear lacquer. I would've done the leaves out of bar stock but as I said, I was in such a hurry I decided to do them the quicker way. Thank you all for your nice comments.
  13. I guess they could be forge welded if the stems would be reeally long but I didn't have time for that, the customer was allready coming to pick it up so i had to act fast. Not much to tell about the welding Frosty, I just started stacking and welding them one by one.
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