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  1. Could one be modded at the pressing ends and used for forge work?
  2. The rough sketch is what I meant, I see square box type at the fire pot through the wall with the round pipe attached vertically so I'm not sure if I'm wasting my time using the round pipe at my fire pot then run it vertically off it. I don't want to put a hole through the roof if I didn't have to, so if cutting the pipe in two sections and putting if through the side of the shop would work, then that's what I'll do. I still have the 55 gallon barrel and if using it as my hood and then run my 15in pipe straight up off it through the roof would work better, then I'll do that. I need to know which way would work the best because I screwed it up the first time and I do not want to get smoked out again.
  3. Like this wonderful skitch I have attached? reason being is I don't want to put a hole through the roof if I didn't have to, so if cutting the pipe and joining them in this fashion would work, then that's what I'll do.
  4. Someone is giving me 15 feet of pipe, 15 inch in diameter. My question is could I make a side draft hood out of it then have the remainder to be the vertical pipe off it? my fire pot is 12in by 12in.
  5. My fire pot and the table top around the pot is all plain steel, the frame work and ash dump is galvanized. I know the frame is no threat to me but unsure of the ash dump so I will clean the zinc off it soon. With all the information everyone gave me, I ‘m ripping everything off it and starting from scratch. I found some 15 inch steel pipe by 15 feet long, so I’m all set to build a side draft. Would I be able to use it in 2 parts to make the hood and flue pipe? Thank you all! Appreciate the help.
  6. I'm feeling better now so I went out to my fathers old farm and took a few pictures of my newly built/work in progress smithy we built out of rough lumber, all the materials in it was stuff laying around. That's why I used the size pipe for the flue in which I will tell you the dimensions now. There was a 6in flange laying around so I used that for the hole on top of the barrel hood because we had a reducer that went from 7in to 6in, so I used the reducer first to hook to the flange in the barrel, then it went from that to all 7in pipe. So in short I have a 6 inch hole in the barrel to a 7in pipe. (1st mistake I know) but it was all free stuff and I had hoped it would work. Other then that the pictures are self explanatory I think. Even though the hole in the hood is 6 inches; I think it's likely to far away from the fire too. What do you guys think? is there any saving what I got by doing a modifications or do I have to rip it out, dig my wallet out and start fresh?
  7. I Forge Iron, fill out your profile let us Know about you, and your area, someone could be close to you and be of help on projects.

  8. sorry, what do you mean? what group?

  9. I'm sorry, i don't understand. What group? and where is it?

  10. Why won't you become part of this group?

  11. No metal fume fever going on with me, no galvanized fumes in the smoke I ingested but great point
  12. A lot of great information here and kind words! Thank you, thank you, thank you My conditions took a turn for the worst last night with my cough. My cough up till then was pretty controllable but last night it became out of control, I couldn't get any sleep so by 4am I got in my car and went into out patience. They did the regular tests and decided to keep me in till 7am for x-rays. The x-rays showed infection on the long side of my right lung, the doctor on duty still couldn't diagnose what I had going on such as the flu or not. He said I was an interesting guy sorta speak. He prescribed me an antibiotic plus a puffer, he hopes it will help and if not by next week for me to see my family doctor. Reading the info from you guys and my systems are what they are, leads me to believe it's not the flu. I'm actually worried now about the sulfurous acid and CO poisoning as stated earlier. If that's the case, is there a cure? Will I continue to get worst before getting better?
  13. Thank you all! Yeah I got to see a doctor then because I never been sick like before. When I feel better I will take detail pictures of my forge and hood so you can see what I have going on. I really do appreciate the help on the hood, it's something that needs to be addressed sometime anyway, it's just the least of my worry's at this point but I'm happy to hear your idea's the same time.
  14. I'm sorry, I wasn't clear enough. The question is about me inhaling all that coal smoke and not knowing how bad and what kind of damage it could do to a guy in that period of time I was in there. I have no idea if I am sick right now from it or not. I reread my current post and could see the confusion, again sorry. My main concern was the affects of coal fumes and not why my hood didn't work, but I do appreciate the response on it.
  15. I have finished building my forge and smoke hood for it, fired it up for the first time and the hood didn't do what it suppose to do, smoke poured out of it everywhere but up the flue pipe. Needless to say I kept it burning for half an hour or so to experiment as this was my first time and I was having too much fun to stop. I left feeling pretty sick and I've been that way since for (72 hours) I have flu like symptoms, cold chills to burning up and one hell of a lower aching back, headaches and a cough. I've had a bit of a cold beforehand but it's a mystery to me if the coal fumes did me in or it was something that was just going to happen? btw, the shop had no door or windows installed at this point so the smoke wasn’t confined in the shop. I will say I will never do that again and will redesign my hood before firing it back up. Could someone shed some light on this topic while I lay here and suffer some more? Thanks
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