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  1. Hello everyone! I used to hang around here and pilfer as much knowledge as I could. Life has kind of steamrolled me, and I'm finally getting back to the forge. Just wanted to pop in and say Hello. I'm not going to lie, there's a good chance that I won't remember names from my time here in the past; please don't take it personally. Happy to be plying the hammer once again! Cheers!
  2. I believe the groove is at each end of the stave. Probably done after the staves are assembled and the steel bands (I forget the proper term) are on. As mentioned, it is done in preparation for the head being fit to it.
  3. Wish I'd seen this earlier, I got into San Diego a little after noon, with nothing on my agenda. That would have been very interesting to see.
  4. Seriously folks, I hope you have a great get-together. Maybe I'll make it next time. Didn't mean to hijack the thread. Cheers!
  5. Got it Stan, have pilot honk next time we fly over. Just one question. Do you or your neighbors have livestock? They get a little spooky with C-130's at honking altitude. LOL!!
  6. Cool! Lots of folks who are at least familiar with, if not fans of, the venerable C-130! You folks are great sports.
  7. Stan, I would love to be there. The timing is just bad this time . Thanks for the invitation, perhaps next year.
  8. I will have to try the "by hand " method for now, but would definitely like to try it. I was working on a project today, and after two hours in the smithy, I was wringing wet. 103 degrees outside, and I'm building a fire to heat metal. This really is a disease.
  9. Honestly, I'm not hunting for ideas, just interested to see what others have done, for gifts. I've been thinking about trying a corkscrew; I've seen some beautiful examples on here.
  10. Thank you very much ma'am. All of the comments, and compliments, are greatly appreciated. I would be very interested to see some other gift ideas you all have used in the past. Christmas is just around the corner you know. ;-)
  11. No Backwoods, I don't have that one, but I have seen some of her work. Thanks very much for the compliment.
  12. Matto is absolutely right about there being more to farriery than just making the shoe. Anatomy of the horse is paramount study for a farrier, as it should be. Shoes, improperly applied will cause permanent damage to a horse. I once considered studying to become a farrier, but the thought of causing a horse to go lame, if I goofed up was enough to put me off.
  13. Thanks Bigfoot, I like the idea of sanding the blade. Do you use a belt grinder for that, with a fine grit belt, or something else?
  14. The eldest daughter, of a very close friend, is getting married soon. My wife and our four year old daughter were invited to the bridal shower which was today. Times are tight for us, like they are for so many, and we didn't really have the money to buy a gift. My wife asked if I could make something for them to take as a gift. I am still, very much a beginner, and as such, I am very self-conscious about my work. I didn't want them to have to go empty handed, so I made a simple letter opener, with a leaf handle. The bride was very gracious, and said she loved it. Perhaps, I underestimated the value of a handmade gift, no matter how simple.
  15. That sounds great! I'll have to see if I could make it down there. If that'd be alright with the hosts, of course.
  16. beth, colleen, I would like to see both ideas in a picture, or even demonstrated in a series of pics. If you get the chance to photograph either of them, I'd be most grateful.
  17. Folks. something that may be getting overlooked here, is that there may indeed be skilled metal workers, in some places. The fact of the matter is, that the populace is scattered far, and wide among those boulder strewn mountains, and that it would be unlikely to find a smith in each village or tribal holding. Please don't discount what these soldiers are doing. In addition to the war being fought against the Taliban, there is a war being waged for the hearts and minds, of the Afghan people. Take away the support network of the Taliban, by securing the goodwill and loyalty, of the tribes, that have historically supported them. If they were not lending support for idiological reasons, but out of fear, then you will find an ally among those tribes. Just my two cents worth.
  18. Well, I finished the hot-cut, and a punch. The punch was made from an old hay rake tooth. I finished the grinding on each, and then brought them both up to a dark straw color, and then, quenched them both in an oil quench.
  19. Well Steve, no fire time this weekend. I have to work; maybe Monday after work. Here's some of what I did during my last chance to get a little bit done
  20. Phoenix, I know that to be true. It's a good thing that small steps can, and often do, lead to big things, because small steps are all I have time for. I have the hot cut forged to shape, and I have normalized it between each forging session. Tomorrow, if time allows, I will anneal it and then Thursday, maybe, I'll get some grinding done, and then filing. There's a chance I could have it ready to heat treat by the weekend.
  21. Really cool design! I like the double hand-holds, and the design you chose for the tending point.
  22. The bosses let us go a little early today, and one of the fellas asked me what I was gonna do this afternoon; I told him I had a new pile of coal that was just asking to make something. I resolved to start making some of the tools that I need to do some very basic things in the shop. I know that I want to make a hot cut for the anvil, a few punches, a slitter, and a drift. I thought I would start, today, with preparing part of an old cultivator axle to make the hot cut. I cut a long piece, and brought it up to a bright yellow heat. I upset the piece, by ramming it on one of my smaller anvils. That was as far as I got with it today;I only had a couple of hours today to fit the chores in, and get a little time at the fire. I worked on a Brian Brazeal heart, and a hook or two while the larger piece was coming up to temp. Here's just a couple of pics of the large piece in the fire, and upsetting it. I know it seems like small potatoes, but it was fun, things worked the way I needed them to, and I have a good beginning for the material for the hot cut.