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  • P1300010
    Wow that is impressive. Very nice, well done.
  • Barrelblower MK I
    Barrelblower MK I
    How well does it work?  It isn't pretty but I really like the design.  If I ever build a new forge I may steal this design from you. 
  • bender2
    Its about 320mm x 40mm mild steel cutout from a hole in a plate.The holes I drilled in are in the pattern inspired by http://www.iforgeiron.com/user/26-yesteryearforge/ I made it so that each...
  • bender2
    You put different sized formers in to form different scrolls. I think it looks brilliant! Nice one KRS.
  • bender2
    what is this? i am guessing it has to do with scrolls? how does it work?

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