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  • PH4
    Hit it with some steel wool and WD 40 and you should be good to go! lol  I love finds like this. We found our 320lb Hay Budden out in a rural field like this. 
  • Napkin holders
    Napkin holders
    Wow, that braid work is stunning, love the consistency. Very well done.
  • Kayak Fisherman
    Kayak Fisherman
    Brilliant! Got a good laugh out of that..well done. 
  • Swallowtail arrowhead
    Swallowtail arrowhead
    This swallowtail is beautiful!
  • Homemade Anvil
    Homemade Anvil
    I'll spare you the typing, After continuing to read i see it is mild steel.  I agree completely on your words of wisdom for finding an anvil!  I first started on a piece rail road ra...

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