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still dry here, but

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We are ok for now, because of the newly (4 years ago) raised dikes. But the neighborhood is closed off from most of the rest of the world, because of those same dikes. Part of the solution for our past flooding issues for the water here include barricades that install across the roads to seal the dikes another 5 foot elevation. I may have sand bag duty today. The call has not come yet.

Our area is at the junction of 3 rivers, and as such only one lane for traffic remains in/out of neighborhood, and its under a bit of water too. Good thing we have a jeep.

Such is life in a flood plain....
update: we are close to the 24 1/2 foot mark, 15% of the city is under water now. 17 ft is flood stage, the record was 26.

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Wow, I wasn't aware y'all were getting inundated. Today, we are having our first appreciable rainfall in almost two years - having only had 17 inches officially during that time so it is the worst drought on record for Central Texas. We've had some pretty bad floods in the past but the water typically drains in a few days. You guys have to put up with it for longer periods due to the slower runoff.

Good luck and God bless - stay dry.

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We had .02" Monday making the yearly total .04" now. We're in a flood plain too for the Rio Grande; but ever since they raised the RR track after the 1925 flood we only have to worry about rain on the mountains and my house is a bit above the local level.

Praying for you and I hope you are hanging all your tools off your shop rafters in 5 gallon buckets.

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