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Guilds/Hammer Ins in the North GA area?

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Looking to spread out and meet some of the pack. Curious if you guys could direct me to the more "active" guilds/hammer-ins/BS activities in the North Georgia area.

I will be attending the Madison event, but that is still quite some time away. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Cool Hand (Steve)

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Alex Bealer has some monthly meetings in the north Atlanta area. The OBG guild will have Elmer Roush demonstrating at their monthly meeting this Sat 3/7/09 at Gallop Forge which is located 45 minutes south of Atlanta. Glad to have you

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Alfred McClure would be worth a four hour drive!!! A more jolly fellow is not to be found!
The first time I met him he was wearing his Scottish "utility kilt." (He's scottish through & through.) Being the nut I am,:o, I stepped up upon being introduced and said something like, "How air ye todey me laddie?" in as strong a Scottish accent as I could muster. He didn't miss a beat, but with his normal beaming grin said something like, "Right dandy I am, and thanke fer askin me ladd." In just as strong of an accent!:D
Tell him I said hi!:D

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Hey Steve,
See this link: The Knife Network Forums : Knife Discussions

Trackrock Hammerin Spring 2009 weekend of April 3rd just outside of Blairsville.

The Hammerin is not a function of the Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild, although a lot of the guild members do come up and smote hot steel. The Guild is pretty active with a lot of members in the northern part of the state. Couple of members in Cumming, I'm in Sugar Hill, couple of guys in Buford.. kinda like weeds, we sprout just about anywhere.

I check this forum every week or so.. perhaps if you want to chat it would be best to take it off line... send me an email..


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