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  1. Howdy. Been a while since I posted here so forgive if I have this in the wrong spot. I currently am knee deep into a smoker project and I really want to use a 120 gal tank I was given by my uncle. Just one caveat though. After removing some of the paint in transport I quickly realized after draggin this thing 100 miles that it is made of aluminum. It is a nice thick tank so I can imagine why I shouldn't use it anyway. I am building this thing from the ground up. All the steel parts that are showing I am putting a gunmetal finish on. Wood will be stained a dark red. WHat I am hoping you guys can give me is some insight on refinishing this old aluminum tank. Short of using some exotic acid, is there anything I can use to make this thing look good, not peal when heated and not poison those I deem worthy of eating my smoked pork and chili? I am also having a challenge with mounting the silly thing, but I think I am going to learn the job of cooper and use a wagon wheel band around either end. I appreciate any input you can provide. Pics will be a coming soon.
  2. Great book. I also like "The Blacksmith's Craft- Revised". Mark Aspery has a few good one out
  3. Don't hold metal when you are having a discussion with those watching your work. Either put it down, in the slack tub, or back in the fire. Too many opportunities to nonchalantly grab it as you are busy yacking.
  4. Cool Hand

    Floor tongs?

    Excellent Pic! Mine are about half that size!
  5. Fantastic information. Remember, what I need is to ensure I am not getting ripped off on the weight of a significant amount of iron. Great stuff so far, thanks.
  6. I buy primarily from junk dealers, flea markets, and roadside vendors. Only 1 metal supplier here locally and I save them for the high end stuff.
  7. I am amazed at how much my very simple work is taking off with local shop owners. All of a sudden I can't seem to get enough items made to keep them selling. Thats a problem for another day. My question is, how do you guys display small amounts of work? I have S hooks, beam hooks, key fobs, pokers, knives, just little stuff like that. What I am currently making is a cedar beam that I can drive hooks and hang hooks from. I really need more ideas than that, but don't have the experience to make up for ingenuity. I appreciate your input, Cool Hand
  8. I know density can impact the wieght, just looking for a rough estimation of what 1 square inch of metal weighs. I find a lot of good junk, but sometimes have no idea what weight is because I have no scales handy. I probably get overcharged quite a bit because of that sometimes. Either wieght or a good formulaic approach would be handy. I appreciate the input, Cool Hand
  9. Cool Hand

    Floor tongs?

    They are hammer -eye tongs. Sorta C shaped facing each other. I would use smaller versions of them to hold an axe head or hammer through the head. These are just an INCREDIBLY larger version!
  10. Bigsteve, this is Cool Hand Steve, looking for active local metal pounders. I have a smithy in Cumming Ga. just trying to get a few of us together sometime. Let me know if you are interested.

  11. Cool Hand

    Floor tongs?

    I will try to get pics tomorrow if possible. I bought a huge set of very old hand forged tongs. They are 4.5 feet long, weigh at least 60 pounds, and have hammer-eye points with a chain to lock the bottom of the tongs tight on something. Any ideas what these type of tongs would have been used for? I would like to know before I do something stupid with them. Sorry about not having pictures yet, Cool Hand
  12. Nail hooks, S hooks, leaf hooks (my favorite), spike knives for my bestest relatives. Hoping I get bags of coal for being SUCH a bad boy all year.
  13. What an amazing variety of information and feedback jammed into 2 pages. I really appreciate the input, everything from safety, to stupidity, and finances. You guys are fantastic!
  14. "Drop a penny in the forge and the smith cant weld until he cleans it out" From "The Blacksmith Craft".