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  1. The ISFB is not thermally stable... I.e., it will expand/contract as it heats up or cools down. Therefore, it will crack. I used a two-bricker forge for four years. My solution was to coat the exterior with Satanite. Used a torch to heat cure the Satanite. Still cracked. I then cut 1" pieces from 1/2" angle aluminum. The pieces were used as edge protectors (to prevent the soft wire from cutting through the SAtanite and into the ISFB). The Satanite gave wear resistance to the ISFB surface, the edge protectors allowed the wire to be tightened to hold everything together.
  2. I think the links are the same.
  3. Not a problem Miley, I have been out of pocket a few days myself. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Thanks for the info.. I figured life intervened. But he, like the rest of us, eventually returns to the well for a drink.
  5. I have noticed that you "lean toward" the D or mailbox shape and the half muffler shaped forge. Is there any correlation between those shapes and the above statement? Would the math be akin to laying out a truncated cone pattern? (As in laying out a pattern for a flare.) Just curious!
  6. Empty freon tanks can be found at any HEating and AC shop.... especially this time of the year! I walked into a large firm, asked for a freon tank and was walked to the loading dock where there were two roll off dumpsters full of empty freon tanks! Told the dock manager what I wanted to make, showed him a screen capture of a forge, presented my cordless drill and told I would drill out the pressure relief valve in front of him (so it could not be used as a pressure vessel) and left with ten! Large companies sell that as scrap,and may have contingent liability concerns over an illegal use or
  7. After much searching I have determined the following: I built the two Mikey burners and my Freon tank forge in 2010, posted photos in the above mentioned thread in 2012, had a hard drive crash or two, bought a new computer, restored a backup, lost my photo editor when I upgraded the OS and realized finally that I was interested in the build but did not need photos of the burners in free air.... so, below is the photo of the burners in action in the forge. the original photo is 1.4MB's, a little large to post here, so I manage to shrink it a little.. Bottom line - no photos in free air...
  8. Ok I am working on photos.. however, in the interim, here is a link to a thread (pertaining to a Freon tank build) to which I contributed.. my userid is jorasco312... see posts #10, 15 & 17 for photos of my forge and a couple of my Mikey burners... sorry, it was forge build, not a how to fix my burners, so no photos of it in operation. still working on finding photos: http://www.bladeforums.com/threads/freon-tank-forge.920575/ just cut and paste the link..
  9. Ok, ok,ok! I am on my iPad and all the photos are on my PC. I will try to post photos this weekend. Hmmm, can I post photos or must I use a hosting service?
  10. I sourced my schedule 80 BP 6" nipples from the local Fastenal in 2010 when I was fabricating my two 1/2" Mikey burners. Had to be shipped in from the warehouse in a 10 pack... still have a few. Forgot the cost... cost was not important.
  11. I have used 1" Insboard for the end enclosures on my freon tank forge. I painted the entire surface with Rigidizer, cured same with my Mikey burner, then several thin wash coats of Satanite (with extra coatings around the openings for protection from tong/work piece abrasion) also heat cured between coats and the hot face coat of ITC-100. Pretty near bullet proof.
  12. Thomas, you are right, of course! For the record, there was no welding performed in the fabrication of my forge. I used the two Mikey burners as the metal ‘heaters’ and a Mapp/Oxy torch for brazing. Taught myself how to braze, ugly but has held for six years now! I am aware the paint used on Freon tanks is alleged to be bad stuff to grind, sand, etc. I have a fan that blows across the work area to keep stuff away from me. I used an angle grinder, hand power drill and files to open the ends of the Freon tank, a hole saw to open the burner port. Brazed the BP
  13. Nate, To answer your question: Gas Burners for Forges, Furnaces & Kilns written by Michael Porter I bought the book, fabricated two 1/2" "Mikey" burners using a hand drill and drill press, files , sweat and determination. The Mikey burners are simply awesome! i fabricated a freon tank forge using the Ron Reill plans. Found on the ABANA website, look for the Ron Reill website on the home page. It has lots of info... Read till your eyes bleed! Freon tanks can be found at heating and air condition repair shops. This time of the year they have loads
  14. Gilberson (spelling?) of Joppa Glassworks? edited to add:. I believe he patented his design. Don't know if it was an original idea, ie, 'invented'.
  15. Don't know about linseed oil... I use the cheapest ( least expensive) ATF (automatic transmission fluid) I can find. I read somewhere that it is formulated to molecularly bond to metal. I little puddle the size of a quarter on a paper towel and wipe down the face, throw a rag on the face followed by a board to keep the wind from blowing the rag off. Hasn't rusted yet.
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