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First sales!!!

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Hello fello smiths! I got my first sale today, well, the chef ordered them some time ago. He saw my sisters meat cleaver and had me make 2. Hes paying one hundred RS each(60 dollars each) I am currently squandering the money on my girlfriend! Its forged from a leaf spring, with a stacked plastic handle(thought it was pretty ingenious:D). I'm not sure what the plastic is really, I dont think its PVC. Just a simple rat tail tang peened at the end....I was way to lazy to forge butt caps, so I just used a washer instead. I did make the bolsters however, forged from aluminium, to avoid rust. They are also CRAZY sharp, I dont know if you can see but the shave is almost perfectly clean! And only after one pass! Any way, hope you like em! I also thought I'd throw in some pics of my forging area. Here they are. The anvil tree stump is also of interest, it was from an old pine tree which got struck by lightning, thought it might give me some exta power or something hahah. Might name my forge thunderstruck forge or something....any ideas for a cool forge name? Thanks for looking, feel free to criticize anything you see un-fit.

P.S - I thought the foto of shaving leg hair was pretty cool, before and after sequence.






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It feels good to know people like your work enough to pay you for it doesn't it?

So, how about a couple pics of it from the side so we can get a good look at it?

I would've taken your word for shaving sharp, I didn't need to see you shaving your legs. You realize there probably aren't very many smiths who shave their legs don't you? :rolleyes:

Seriously though. Well done.


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Thanks guys!! It does feel really good to sell something made from junk! Uh, yeah my girlfriend did complain about the leg shaving thing hahahaha!! You should have seen my arms hahahaha! Any way, sorry I dont have any fotos from the side, I'm not the best photografer. Thanks for the kind words!! Never mind the shaved legs.

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