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Not the nicest knife but...


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My first knives were worse than that.

Above opinions are solid. You learn at such an accelerated rate when you finish knives you start.

You can hands on see how to avoid mistakes when you forge since you are dealing with them during the finishing proccess.

I believe the best term would be "rustic" for your knife.

Eat dinner and use it with pride. It is a great first knife.

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My first knife, the blade was wave-y, I gave it to my dad, and he put it next to the tv...so when ever someone looks at the tv boom! "look at that big knife...oh what happened to it?" lol my family kept a lot of my firsts.... like my first model car...It looked like it came from the junk yard of model cars!
I think your knife is cool, keep it up!

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Number1, (before you go crying it looks like crap) Did you go through the complete process of making it? Did you learn something from making this knife?

Personaaly I think the knife looks fine. With the exception of the aluminum, it makes for a nice primitve looking piece.

As you said it is your first one. As you make more they will get better. Many smith with 30 years of experience will still make more than one in order get it the way they want it.

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Keep it around though. Once you are on your fifth, tenth, and twentieth knife, you'll look back with both amazement at how far you have come and how far you still have to go.

I agree with the finishing part. Always good to finish it to have as a "sample" of your work. Lots of people start and before they know it, they scrap it instead of finish and learn very little from their experience. Look at it as a stepping stone along the path of experience and knowledge. It will be a good reminder of where you have been.

Keep up the good work.

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