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Anvil repair advice

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Ohhh the velcro ... sounds good ! I could cut up some other anvils and velcro the parts together to mix and match. But I alslo like the cone idea :)

It should be in decent shape it was new. It was cheaper to cut up a small anvil then to have a pattern made, cast, machined, and heat treated.

It was also instructive to see how nice the grain structure was in the heel, which took some serious blows with a ten lb sledge to snap off even after cutting 2/3 of the way through with a zip disk. So I can rest easy knowing that my 600 lb anvil will never break.


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Out of curiosity, why not leave the anvil as it was and use it for forging blades? Was it purely a desire to have an anvil with a certain look or is there a functional reason to go with that design?

Take a look at the website for Henry Taylor carving tools. They show several images of their cutlers anvil in use. Their cutlers anvil has a dove tail cut in the face so that special tooling could be wedge there for making bolsters and other shapes for specialized carving tools. I am pretty sure this anvil does have a short horn. Welcome to Henry Taylor Tools Limited


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