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hoffi or habermann?

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I totally agree with Unicorn. Bad shoulder + Hofi hammer + Hofi technique = Forging again.

Agreed! Having a Hofi or Tom Clark hammer does you no real good if you don't learn the technique to using the hammer the way it was designed! They go hand-in-hand. Otherwise you are just paying good money for an excellent hammer that will give you no real benefit. There is a BluePrint here on IFI teaching the Hofi techinque to forging. Read it, read it again, use the technique and your body will thank you for it. The added benefit is you can move more metal faster and easier. Good luck.
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I made my own hammer's with Glenn Moon from Autralia. I prefer them to any other :D

My swing I've tried to develope using the principles of bio mechanics as a guide. Depending on the power I need my swing could involve up to five of the bodies major joints as well as many of the minor joints (the fingers on my hand for example). Most of the time it's four; my back, shoulder,elbow and wrist, the fifth being my hips. I did a lot of watching and then a lot of experimentation with one inch pine boarding. More back, less shoulder, more snap to the wrist etc etc etc. For a given sequence of movements and amount of exertion the depth of the dent gave me a bench mark to work from. From that I found something that works very well for me, I can hammer without overstressing any one link in the chain that forms my swing and get the most out from the least in. Added to that through other teaching I learned about getting my hammer back by using the rebound, a further save on energy so I can forge for longer.
The quality of the hammer is a moot point if you cant swing it for toffee, find a good technique first, then you can actually guage what makes a decent hammer to begin with and buy the right one.

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