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Slack tub is freezing

Steve Sells

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Am planning to cut a bourbon barrel in half, the water will keep it from leaking. The other half will be for coal storage. Guess I can always add a bucket to it if frozen or use a stock tank heater. Figured water would be handy for wetting the coal as needed, cooling parts while forging etc.

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3 hours ago, Whiskeysup said:

the water will keep it from leaking.

For a while it will but in the long run the barrel bottom will rot out. I have used half whiskey barrels in the past and they only last about 5 years before needing replaced. When they start leaking I convert them to planters. I finally decided the barrels were much larger than I needed and switched to a composite sink one of our members gifted to me, just had to make a stand for it.

For a couple of years, I would put a small tank heater in it to prevent freezing, then thought why not just pull the plug and empty it in the winter. The drain pipe is run outside the shop so no problem with a mess inside.



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I leave it filled spring, summer & fall, just empty in winter. I have a cover for it to keep critters and errant steel out when not using it. Mine is only about ten feet from a hydrant so I can fill it with a hose. If I'm working on a project in the winter (not often anymore) I just put the heater back in it.

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