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Slack tub is freezing

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On December 8, 2016 at 6:58 PM, Frosty said:

How often do you  need to cool stock in winter?

Pretty often. I use water to cool the isolate exactly where I want a bend. Either water or heating with a torch instead of a forge which I find slow and tiresome in general. 

I guess we all work differently. 

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This might be an odd question but here goes.

With winter being here and temps now well below freezing, my cooling bucket for my tools has frozen solid in my shop as I only use a gas space heater when actually out in the shop. When I used my coal forge I didn't do any forging in the winter but now that I built a gasser I can work in the shop (as long as it's not 0). Do you guys have any suggestions to help the freezing or am I simply going to have to empty when done and fill it when I go out to forge? I thought about using some anti-freeze mixed in the water however I think it may not be safe. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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On January 14, 2017 at 4:57 PM, CTBlades said:

With winter being here and temps now well below freezing, my cooling bucket for my tools has frozen solid in my shop as I only use a gas space heater when actually out in the shop. 

If your slack tub is freezing you're not slacking enough Ray.

Us cold country folk went through a long thread on the subject a while ago but thanks for the opportunity to tweak you. I appreciate it. :P

Frosty The Lucky.

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Actually I think you have it backwards Frosty, I'm slacking way to much and not using my tank or hot tooling enough lol.

Thank you for the link beech, I wasn't sure where to look in the forums. If I was working full time with the forge I am sure I'd go with the heater but it seems I'll just empty and fill when I do use the forge for now.

Thank you gents!

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There are good stock tank heaters for this.  The right one sits on the bottom, never gets so hot that it would melt even  a plastic tank, and has an internal thermostat so doesn't even turn on unless freezing temperatures are met.

IIRC, my stock tank heaters ran about 24 bucks USD.  In a roughly 20 gallon tank, there is no freeze at all until it's been below zero F for a few days and then only minimal top freezing around the edges.  Wattage is remarkably low to accomplish this so it doesn't make you go broke on electric bills.   Image is the 500 watt version which is for a much bigger tank and is listed at $ 33 USD.  IIRC, mine are 250 watts.


For smaller tanks...say about a 5 gallon bucket size, they make a water heater for chickens--it's a galvanized platform with a built in heater which the chicken water...or a sslack tank...can sit on.  I've never had the chicken water freeze on me but can't say how a more open tank would react.  These are a bit more expensive, about 125 watts.




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