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My latest Project

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I just finished up my Christmas projects for this year. I decided to make big clothes pin paper weights. I was walking around Ben Franklin (craft supply store) with the family. I picked one up made out of wood and asked Mike if he thought I could forge that out....So I ended up buying a dozen over two trips and found some steel close to the size of the wooden parts. Mike was a big help as always...

It is forged. All the holes were drilled. And the pin is plug welded to the base. All of it was tumbled and wire brushed then assembled.

The springs are from the originals I bought in the store. I had to drill holes for the springs for it all to work. The slots in the top and bottom were not working AT ALL!

I painted the springs flat black, and the rest of it was sprayed with clear.

I also put felt on the bottom to keep it from scratching up the tables.

This was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. The next batch will be a lot better, but these turned out okay for my first try.






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Nice Idea!!!

I may go buy a few BIG washers and throw them in the forge and beat them up a little to make them match.

Thanks for the idea.

Ted I appreciate the positive mojo. I always feel a little weird posting photos of my stuff on here. There is a lot of really nice work and I just do not see myself on any level close to it...


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It is actually pretty easy to open. There is good resistance to keep it closed to hold a lettter or something.

The base is 3" x 7". It weighs maybe 5 pounds. I forget what the parent stock of the pin started out as....maybe 1 1/4" x 5/8"....I am not sure.

Mike took me to the shop and helped me find what was close to the wooden one I had.

thanks guys...


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Very cool Peyton.

Washers are a great idea too.

I'm always hesitant to show my work in the company of other smiths though I don't hear bad things said. Still, I know how much better the other guys are compared to my meager attempts.

I'm trying to beat that sentiment out of myself though, I do what I do as well as I can, or as the situation dictates and I'm always after the new guys to show their work. It'd be a bit hypocritical if I didn't show mine as well. Eh?

Besides, I'm starting to get used to being in shear awe of what you guys can do.

Anyway, great paper weight/clips Peyton. Very imaginative and well executed, perhaps damascus to represent the wood grain for those "special" recipients would be a nice touch.


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