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Ernesto Brown

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My name is Ernesto Brown. I am ten years old and live in Massachusetts. I have spent several years following my Papi to his friend's blacksmithing shop. I now have my own "shop" in a corner of our barn and I spend part of every weekend practicing (I would spend more time there but my Papi works during the week and cannot supervise me) and taking lessons from my Papi's friend. I am happiest when I am in my shop. I collect steel from the dump and today made a hook with a scrolled end out of an old file. One day, I will travel all over the United States and maybe even the world learning from all of you great blacksmiths.

Right now I am looking for some better tongs. Please send me your advice and guidance. Thank you and good night (I was supposed to be in bed an hour ago, but my Papi and I have been looking at cool stuff on the internet and now Mami is angry at both of us).


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Nesto, welcome to Iforgeiron!
So you're only 10 years old? Wow!
It's good to see young folks here.
My grandson Chris (j4jiron) is 8 and is a member also.
Glad to have you.
(maybe if you tell Mami that you are 'learning stuff', maybe she won't be so angry:)

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Go to IForgeIron.com > Lessons in Metalworking > Blacksmithing as it is the best place to get you started. Then go to IForgeIron.com > Blueprints and choose something you thing you can do. Ask Papi for assistance if needed.

Wearing personal safety protection, safety glasses, apron, long pants, boots, ear protection, etc will go a long way with your teachers. Don't forget the 5 gallon bucket of water to put out any hot coals that may jump out of the forge.

One day, I will travel all over the United States and maybe even the world learning from all of you great blacksmiths.
You can do that now on IForgeIron. Just ask questions in the Forum and I am sure there are those willing to help you with good answers.

If you want to talk with them in person, go to the IForgeIron Chat. There you can talk with people from USA, Canada, Australia, Romania, China, Israel, and over 50 other countries in the world in real time. Ask Papi to join you and keep track of where everyone is located.

Did you tell Mami about IForgeIron.com > Vulcans Grill? If not you should. (Right hand side of the opening page, near the bottom) VG0005 Corn on the Cob is a great place to start.

IForgeIron is a family forum, so ask Papi and Mami to join you if they wish. Welcome to the site.
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Welcome Ernesto... my twins are 10 and they too are beginning to forge a few projects. I think it is outstanding that you have your Papi who is willing to supervise and support your interests, this is a huge blessing! Be sure to let him know how much his help and support means to you.

Something I sure wish I did was to take picture of my projects when I was just starting out. If you can photograph your projects, it will give you a way of seeing your progress and it is a great way to keep record of what you have accomplished. Though I did not start as young as you, I still wish I had taken pictures of all those early projects. Plus the folks here like pictures too, you'll be amazed at the support and help you'll get from a picture of two here.

Best of luck and looking forward to seeing you around IFI.


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Welcome aboard Nesto.

I'll bet if you and your Papi make Mami something next weekend she'll forgive you staying up a little late. I know mine would, did actually.

Next time save things like files, springs , bolts and the like for things that need tool steel. If you use mild steel for things like hooks, pot lid lifters, candle holders and such you'll find it easier to forge.

Thanks for joining the gang Nest. And thank You Papi.


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Glad to have you aboard Nesto.

We have quite a few "kidsmiths" here and we're proud to have them. They seem to be good upstanding young men, one and all and you strike me as fitting right in.

Now, don't be bashful, I know you have questions and us old guys love having someone new we can tell the same old stories to. ;)


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