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Since when is bright orange a welding heat? Just buy some new stock of a known designation and get on with it . Even new, steel is still relatively cheap .

I agree in the sense that trying to make round stock out of something is kinda a waste of time. Just go get some round stock. Depending where you are and what you are doing with the round stock, rebar can be easily found. Otherwise just buy some round stock to begin with.

Go by a couple fabrication shops that do railings and such. I scored a 55 gallon drum full of stuff too short for them to use. Lots of 1/2" round and square just under 3' long. The other half the drum was filled with pieces between 6 and 12" of all sorts. Ended up helping him load a truck in exchange for the metal he was going to scrap. Don't be afraid to ask, you never know what you might get. Always be sure to ask though. Don't ever take anything otherwise.

Look up all your local metal recycling places. There's one not too far from where I am that doesn't pay for steel. Anyone brings them steel they put it in a big dumpster and they don't mind cutting a deal once they know what you're doing.
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I was so impressed by your little knife that I've just made a similar one from a 20mm SDS drill. The forging cleaned up and polished nicely but doesn't seem to take a very good edge. I tempered it at a dark yellow, I'll try a bit bluer tomorrow.

What is the problem with your knife? Is it too hard to put a good edge on it? What are you using to hone it with?
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ah the joys of recycling steel: you never know what it's made of! :rolleyes:

I always take a bit of the unknown tool and quench to find the right liquid and then draw the temper at different teperatures to find the right one. It's a pain in the bum, but at least it means that i'm not going to sell something that is only good as a paperweight

That's how I worked out that this spanner was pretty poor steel, but with a super quench I could get it to about 55RC ;)

I did a series of totally recycled knives. The drill bit has a sheath made form a leather suitcase and sewn up with fishing line i found on the beach. The spanner has a scap of leather wastecoat, scrap of old para cord scrap of leather jacket and an end of waxed thread that I use for sewing sheathes; the sheath is more suitcase and sewn up with a broken dacron bowstring. :cool:

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The spanners I found were prety rubbish steel, but it's a bit of fun none the less

When I learnt to forge I spent a lot of time creating scrap, so I only used old springs, files, etc. Then when I started getting the hang of it and began earning a living from my baldes I couldn't take the chance on unknown steels that could contain flaws. So I switched to virgin steel and now I onlyu use recycled stock if I'm going to keep its original character

such as:

Chainsaw files

Chisels (beveled edge chisel, broken hammer handle and the suitcase again)

A flymo (lawnmower) blade

Another file


sorry I seem to have hijacked your thread!

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