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I Forge Iron

Hi everyone

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Hows it going everyone.

I'm looking to get into blacksmithing. I live in Fort mill, sc and i was at the renaissance festival this weekend and met a blacksmith who made all kinds of things. Ive always thought about blacksmithing but i thought it was lost in time. Ive tried to make fires before and forge a sword but i didn't have the equipment. If there is a good way for me to get into smithing please give me some suggestions. I need to know how to get a forge, and all the equipment to start off. Thanks for the help guys.

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Hello there,

Let me be the first to say a sword isn't a good place to start, and with that said don't be disheartened. I'm new to Blacksmithing as well and I can say from experience getting the tools you need to get yourself going is easy. Check out the BluePrints on this site for forge designs most can be built out of materials that readily come to hand. Once you have the forge sorted somethign to hammer with and something to hammer on (doesn't need to be an anvil it can be a piece of steel bar providing it's thick enough and anchored well) and you're ready to go.

Now where do you want to go... if you only want to do blades then I recommend you maybe try making a knife only using material removal, you don't even need any of the above tools to do that althoguh the forge could be handy for treating the finished knife but if you want to get into blacksmithing propper then think in terms of smithing trinkets S-hooks appear to be the favourite but you get the idea.

More importantly, have fun!

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Welcome aboard Jwood.

Competently making a sword is the product us years of practice, not a beginner's project. I'm not trying to discourage you, just the opposite. Nothing will kill the spirit like biting off more than you can chew right at the beginning, especially when the bite is more than many experienced smiths couldn't chew.

While you're looking for tools and equipment I'd like to suggest you improvise tools and equipment, build fires and begin building the skills base you'll need to become a bladesmith.

A couple feet of RR rail, a couple ball pein hammers, vise grips, a hole with blow drier and a piece of pipe will get you going. There are lots of blueprints on this site and an entire section on getting started to flatten your learning curve.

Then there's us. We'll be happy to answer your questions even if we have to make something up.


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welcome aboard, try taking an old file, heating it up and just kinda pound it into knife shape, then grind grind grind, while you are washing the grit out of your hair, think about reading up on heat treating etc, you may find, like me, that the whole knife thing is a bit beyond you to begin with, but then, any sharp object can be a knife. You oughta see what these guys on the site are making, sheesh, I'll never be that good, but it's the journey, not the destination, good luck!!

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Welcome aboard. I enjoy making knives but for just starting out I would suggest working with low carbon soft metals and just experiment. It is easier to pound on hot roll steel than hi carbon. If you want to make a knife shaped object out to soft steel to practice with go ahead. Be safe, enjoy your self.

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