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  1. Hi All, Just a short note to let everybody know am still alive and kicking! Have not been doing much hammerin, because have been Lazy and have not walked down to Tristan's shop to work in his forge! For those who may not know, I am no longer in KY, was in Feb. But have since moved back to Anchorage Alaska! And as soon as I can get a good running vehicle, I am going to try to start going out and visiting with all of our Friend Frosty!!
  2. Well, for those who might be interested, this misplaced blacksmith will be moving back to Tennessee on the 5th of January! To dang cold up here for this guy!! It is not the home I left 9 years ago!! Have met some good people up here, of which 1 of them was Frosty, tho I did know him from before, and some of his smithin friends from the Alaska group!!/Selden
  3. Who would believe that a bunch of Crusty Blacksmiths were this good with words!! Welcome back Frosty!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
  4. Got to talk to Frosty for about 20 minutes today!! He is doing really good, excited about going home on sunday!!
  5. Deb says frosty is supposed to be on here somewhere tonight! Was just on facebook and she said she signed him in before she left!
  6. IT IS COOOOOLLLLLLLLDDDDDDD!!!!! And have snow on the ground!!!

  7. hows things in alaska seldon? getting cold yet?

  8. Hi y'all, Just a quick note, went to the Alaska Blacksmith's meeting last month, and have to say, they are a great group of guys!! Have been going down to a shop on sundays and forging, with Tristan, and he is a good guy to know! And it helps that his shop is about 5 blocks from where I live!!! Will be going this weekend again. Y'all have a goof one!/Selden
  9. Thank You Glenn for the update! I am going to try and get over there as soon as i can to see Deb and Frosty. But so far weather against me, am still on foot here, and it has been wet here latly/Selden
  10. Nothing new as yet, Deb will probably post in awhile, and if someone doesn't beat me to it will post it

  11. Seldon, is there any update on Frosty? And , how are you doing? hows Alaska?

  12. This was on my home page at facebook just a couple of minutes ago/Selden From Deb FROSTY SQUEEZED MY HAND!! I was sitting with him - he was restless - then he opened his eyes and said "water". Jerry asked for WATER!! I asked him to squeeze my hand and he DID! Jer squeezed my hand!
  13. If anyone on here knows a Richard Pitts, please ask him to contact me, by sending me a personal message, have a message for him, Thank You /Selden
  14. Guys just got a post From De in facebook, she is asking that for right now, no one e-mail frosty so it doesn't clog up his account, she never said if there was any change but will keep everyone posted on what I hear/Selden
  15. Deb, You and Frosty now have the native community of TN and KY offereing prayers and smoke to the Great Creator, for a fast recovery!