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I Forge Iron

Hello from Ohio


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New to blacksmithing - just started around April. Made a few items, thanks to the help of my instructor. Have aquired a forge, blower, a few hammers and anvil. just got the anvil mounted and secured to the base. Need to clay the forge.

Really excited about this craft and hope to continue the learning (which there is so much). So far I have been enjoyed restoring, or bringing back to life, the forge, blower and anvil.

So I probably will be seeking much advice and asking questions, researching, etc.

Thanks for this site!

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FTB2, welcome to Iforgeiron!

If you've got forge,blower,anvil, and hammers.......you've got the basic tools to get started.

The fun begins when you need another tool to make something and realize that you can make it yourself!

If you have questions , just ask.........there are lots of friendly folks here willing to help.


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Welcome aboard.

Clay that puppy and build a fire! The fun begins when you start making iron and steel do what you want and the only way to do that is practice.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have, we'll be happy to answer them even if we have to make something up.


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Welcome to "I Forge Iron"
As you can see some very good craftsman take the time to read about, and are willing to assist you with ideas that will most likely help you.
You have found a good place to find help to keep you on track as to become a better Blacksmith.
Just make sure you enjoy the trip! :)
Ted Throckmorton

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