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a looker not a user for smithing; that type vise doesn't like being pounded on with a largish hammer.

Almost all the "combo tools" from the late 19th early 20th century are just not as good as having simple dedicated tools and if a simple tool breaks it doesn't take down your entire set of tools!

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Combination vice and anvil units (not all as complicated as that one) were commonitems 100 years ago. As stated above they are usually neither a good anvil nor a good vice! Probably more the sort of thing you might have had in a gun room rather than a workshop. Most of them got damaged through being used as an anvil rather than just light occasional use which is what they were designed for. If I were in UK I would put a bid in on it just for the sake of the novelty but would never use it as a serious tool.

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A patent number would answer the question of what the gears are for.

I'm thinking a rotary shear or beading tool, perhaps a small ring roller, etc.

There's also attachment points under the jaws, probably for pipe jaws or similar.

Neat tool, I'd bolt it to my bench.


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BINGO! Patent Number 1196838 Issue date Sept. 1916 and.... are you all ready for this.... the patent is for a device called a "Combination bench lathe and drill press." Apparently, with all of the attachments, this thing was an anvil, a vise, a pipe vise, a grinder, a lathe, a drill press, and maybe something else depending on what was attached and which side was considered to be the "top" or the "base"... human ingenuity at its best... maybe....

Patent from google

-Aaron @ the SCF

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