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An interesting industrial drill press

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While browsing the website of my favorite industrial surplus warehouse, I encountered an old Walker Turner drill press which appears to have an interesting power feed.


It looks like the lever in the front engages and disengages the feed:


Which is powered by pulleys taking power off the main motor:


I'm guessing that this doesn't have a reversing mechanism, but that the standard return spring takes it back up. No idea if it has anything that automatic disengages at a preset drilling depth or if the operator has to manually disengage the feed.

I'm not sure what this thing attached to the side of the table is, but I suspect it might be a pump for lubricating oil.


I doubt I'll be purchasing this, as I already have a drill press and would need to switch out the three-phase motor on this one for a single-phase. Nonetheless, I thought folks here might be interested in seeing a cool bit of old-school machinist tech.

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